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Labdanum Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Labdanum essential oil is an interesting oil. It’s one of the rarer oils and is used primarily in the perfumery industry due to its intense, spicy, warm aroma. Labdanum essential oil benefits and uses include helping with sinus issues, helping relieve stress, and moisturizing skin among other things.

The oil is extracted from the rockrose plant. It’s native to the Mediterranean and has an interesting history where it’s been cited as being used in Biblical times as a general healing medicine.

Essential oils offer natural and safe solutions to a wide range of wellness issues. Whether you’re looking for emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual benefits, there is an essential oil to help.

In this article, I will cover some of the key uses, benefits, and methods of use for labdanum. This oil was an exciting find for me and I’ve loved experimenting with it, enjoy.

Labdanum Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

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Labdanum Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Curing Colds and Coughs

Labdanum essential oil has expectorant properties, meaning it’s effective at treating the symptoms of colds, coughs, and other sinus or congestion issues. Much like eucalyptus, you can use this oil to open your passageways and provide relief.

Strengthens and Improves Skin

With natural antimicrobial and astringent properties you can use labdanum to help improve the quality of your skin. Different oils and products work better for different people. Give this oil a try and see what you think, it’s a lovely smooth oil with a sweet scent.

Relieves Stress and Worries

If you’re the kind of person to be affected by stress and worries then diffusing this oil might be exactly what you need. Lots of essential oils are very effective at calming the nerves and helping you relax, labdanum is a natural and safe way to unwind effectively.

Soothes Menstrual Pain

Labdanum essential oil can help reduce cramps, bloating, and other pain associated with menstrual problems. As well as reducing nausea and helping to regulate cycles. Just simply try diffusing this oil or massaging a little into the abdomen.

As a Fragrant

Labdanum is a rare and much sought after oil for use in perfumes and fragrant products. It has an intense, warm, floral, spicy scent. It’s used in perfumery to add scent to a lot of products and is enjoyable for its scent alone.

Labdanum Essential Oil Blends Well With

Labdanum oil blends well with a lot of other oils. Try blending with the following:

Ways to Use Labdanum Essential Oil

As a Fragrance – With all the aromatherapy benefits you will not need an excuse to use labdanum. It’s often used just for its fragrance however as it has such a lovely and intense scent, so try adding to unscented lotions and other homemade products.

Steam Bowls – Being effective at clearing sinus issues labdanum is often used in steam bowls. Add a couple drops to a bowl of hot water, place a towel over your head and breathe in the steam. You’ll feel your congestion loosening and your airways allowing you to breathe better.

Topically – Being good for skin it’s a natural choice for topical application. Mix with a carrier oil, such as doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil. This will minimize any sensitivity issues and make a lovely, smooth massage oil.

Diffusing – Add a couple of drops into a diffuser, set yourself up in a quiet room, and relax. Allow the oil to work and give you a much more satisfying and relaxing experience, it’s very enjoyable.

Labdanum Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

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Labdanum Essential Oil Side Effects and Precautions

There are no real side effects to be worried about. However, you should always use oils sensibly and within the recommended amounts. When using topically, always dilute with a carrier oil and use on a small area of skin first to check for sensitivity issues.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use essential oils. If you are suffering from any serious illness always check with your doctor before using oils.

In Summary

Labdanum essential oil is a great find. Being one of the best smelling oils it’s easy to find a reason to put some in the diffuser or massage a little into my wrists or feet. If you’ve used this oil and have any comments or uses I haven’t covered I’d love to hear them, just drop me a comment below, thanks.

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