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Can I Use Olbas Oil in My Diffuser?

By Jessica Fuller / February 8, 2018

Olbas oil was the first essential oil I ever used. My mum used to use it liberally in the winter months to fend off colds, help with sinus issues, as a rub for sore muscles and more. When I started working with essential oils I realized just how powerful and versatile Olbas is. I use […]


What Are the Best Essential Oils to Start With?

By Jessica Fuller / January 14, 2018

With anything new, the hardest part is knowing where to start. This is no truer than with aromatherapy and massage oils. When deciding on an oil most people ask, ‘what are the best essential oils to start with?’ I always end up giving a brief breakdown of several aromas, as they serve different purposes. Throughout […]


5 Radha Rosehip Oil Uses and Benefits for This Awesome Oil

By Jessica Fuller / January 5, 2018

Rosehip oil is one of the more remarkable and commonly used oils across a wide range of cosmetic products and moisturizers. It’s right up there with coconut oil as one of the best oils for skin and hair care. I’m currently using Radha Rosehip Oil (as well as the Radha Lavender oil I talked about […]


Essential Oils for Dust Mites: Effective Home Remedy Solutions

By Jessica Fuller / December 18, 2017

If you suffer from allergies at home, and particularly while sleeping I’m sure you’ve tried all sorts of things to try and lessen the triggers, right? But have you tried essential oils for dust mites and bedbugs? By using essential oils that kill and repel dust mites you will see a huge reduction in the […]


Essential Oils for Nerve Pain: 8 Oils to Soothe Pain and Discomfort

By Jessica Fuller / December 10, 2017

Nerve pain or peripheral neuropathy is one of the more frustrating conditions to get under control for some people. The symptoms can range from numbness and tingling in your extremities, to agonizing pain, muscular weakness, and loss of balance. Doctors and health professionals will typically prescribe medicines and recommend physiotherapy for most sufferers, although it […]


Cistus Absolute Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

By Jessica Fuller / November 23, 2017

Cistus absolute essential oil, also called Labdanum and Rockrose oil is one of the more aromatic scented oils and has some interesting and beneficial uses. It’s commonly used in perfumery due to its alluring and enchanting scent, and for meditation and yoga sessions due to its relaxing and calming effects. Edens Garden Cistus 100% Pure […]

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