Benefits of Using a Diffuser around the Home

Benefits of Using a Diffuser around the Home

Diffusers are personally one of my favorite devices I have around the home. There are so many benefits of using a diffuser around the home I’m always surprised that some people have never heard of these awesome little devices.

But when you read this article I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Diffusers allow you to enjoy the health benefits of essential oils while going about your business at home. They disperse tiny particles of oil and water into the air for you to breathe in.

I’ve covered in detail how you can use essential oils for gout, to help you sleep better, to help you stop snoring, to lose weight, treat skin conditions, and more. All you need is a diffuser to help you absorb the oils. You shouldn’t need much convincing, but read on for some awesome benefits of using a diffuser.


Benefits of Using a Diffuser around the Home

Disperses Essential Oils into the Air

This is probably the primary reason you are going to be using an essential oil diffuser. They are designed to create vapor with a mix of the water and essential oils you have poured into the diffuser.

This enables you to breathe in the essential oils and absorb their health benefits. Such as using lavender at night to help you sleep, or a eucalyptus to help relieve sinusitis and congestion issues.

Spreads the Fragrance Around Your Home

We all like to keep our homes smelling fresh. Diffusing oils is an easy way to spread your favorite fragrances around the home in a nice even and soft way.

Diffusers spray a fine mist containing millions of micro particles. Good models, like the Radha Beauty Diffuser run silently and you will not even notice it’s operating, and switches off when it’s empty.

Retains Oil Quality Better Than Burners

Diffusers are much better for diffusing essential oils because they do not warm up the oil. Warming up oils degrades the essential oil properties, and at a high temperature like a lot of oil burners it completely destroys the therapeutic effect.

If you are using fragrance oils the you can use other methods to like reed diffusers and oil burners. But if you’re using essential oils you have to use an electronic diffuser. I always use diffusers over other methods because they are more user-friendly anyway.

Purifies the Air in Your Home

One of the by-products of diffusing oils is that the diffuser purifies the air in your home. They also help to kill off bacteria in the air, especially if you are diffusing oils that help to purify the air.

Thyme, cinnamon, and clove are three of the best oils for air purification. Remember to keep your diffuser clean, fresh water in there, and you will feel the benefits once you start diffusing.

Helps Reduce Dust Allergies

Firstly, I do keep my home clean, honest. But I have sinusitis and am very sensitive to dust so it’s almost impossible to not be irritated by the smallest amounts. Anyone with dust allergies or sinusitis will understand what I mean.

If you are bothered by dust try diffusing some oils that help to open up your airways like eucalyptus, menthol, or some spicy oils like allspice, or cinnamon. It’s a natural alternative to nose sprays and antihistamines.

Safer Than Candles and Incense

Diffusers Safer Than Candles and Incense

Diffusers are the safest way to diffuse fragrances or essential oils. Candles carry a fire risk, and incense also can cause damage if they are left unattended and some of the burned incense falls off.

Good quality diffusers are not only inexpensive, but they will operate silently and turn off when they are empty. You can literally leave them on as you fall to sleep and not worry about anything. They are certainly the best option if you have pets and children in the house.

Repels Bugs and Insects

Some essential oils are very effective at keeping insects away. Mosquitoes and houseflies can be a real nuisance in the summer months. Instead of using poisons that are potentially harmful to you and air in your home, try diffusing some oils.

Try diffusing some lemongrass or cedarwood oil, it smells great and will keep those pests away. It’s always fun experimenting with oils so feel free to try some others and see if you find blends that also work.

Which Essential Oil Diffusers Are Best?

It’s hard to say which diffusers are the best. There are lots of the market and some serve different purposes. I’ve reviewed quite a few on this blog as I love diffusers and have used most of the best diffusers.

Here are three of the best:

Radha Beauty Diffuser

Radha Beauty Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser ReviewYou will not be disappointed by the Radha Beauty Diffuser. It has lots of cool features and it very easy to use. It’s great if you’re new to diffusers because it really straight forward, but just as good if you’re an oil enthusiast as it’s a quality unit.

This was the first diffuser I ever owned after reading glowing reviews. I still have it in my kitchen, and although I use other diffusers around the home too I’d replace it should anything happen to my beloved Radha.

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Pilgrim Collection Anton Diffuser

Pilgrim Collection Anton Aroma Diffuser ReviewThe Pilgrim diffuser came onto my radar last summer and I was so impressed with the sleek look of the unit I decided to pick one up. I still use it most days in my office and really love this diffuser.

If you like the look of it I suggest taking a closer look. It comes up top on all the features, its has some cool lights that cycle and you can use an intermittent diffusion mode.

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ZAQ Mirage Litemist Diffuser

ZAQ Mirage Litemist Essential Oil Diffuser lights ManualI picked the ZAQ Mirage Litemist as one of the best as it’s a unique and interesting little diffuser. It’s more mobile than the other models, you can easily carry this in-between rooms around your home if you don’t want to own more than one.

It has some cool lighting effects. But don’t worry, you can turn the lights off if you want to use this in your bedroom and not be disturbed.

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