Essential Oils for Gout

Best Essential Oils for Gout (A Natural Solution That Works!)

Gout is a painful and uncomfortable condition. Trust me when I say I know this first hand!

Traditional meds just don’t work for a lot of people, or if you’re like me you want to seeking out a natural solution anyway – which is why I’ve put together this list of the best essential oils for gout.

If gout is a new condition you’re currently trying to manage, let’s look at the condition in more detail first and help you understand what might be causing it.

Gout is more prevalent in middle-aged men and postmenopausal women. But it can affect anyone, and in a number of different ways.

The cause of gout is an excess of uric acid and/or crystals around the joints infected. It manifests in the fluid around the joints and will cause the joint to swell up. This is why it can be incredibly painful, sore to touch, red, and inflamed.

One of the most commonly affected joints is actually the big toe. Is that what you’re dealing with? It makes it difficult and painful to walk and causes the sufferer endless discomfort and torment. Blow-ups of gout in the wrists, ankles, knees, and elbows are also painful and immobilizing.

Using essential oils of gout treatment can prove very effective at lessening the swelling and pain. Certainly in use with or without traditional medicine, and well worth trying for yourself.


Gout Causes and Prevention

Some people are susceptible to developing gout more than others. That’s just a hard fact. Causes and the severity of the bout of gout can be worsened through certain diets and lifestyles however.

Foods that are high in fat, alcohol, being overweight, and generally eating unhealthy are all major factors. If you already have gout these things will certainly flare up the condition.

I would certainly look at your lifestyle very closely if you are suffering from gout. The condition is too painful and uncomfortable to ignore. Traditional medicine is not the most effective for most people. Which is why a lot of people turn to alternative medicine, such as using doTERRA essential oils for gout treatment.

The best thing about oils and other alternative forms of medicine is that there are little to no side-effects. Unlike the long list of side-effects that come on the label with prescribed medicines.

Best Essential Oil Properties for Treating Gout

Essential Oil Recipes and fragrances

When looking for the most ideal oils to treat certain conditions you need to look at the symptoms. The symptoms of gout are the following:

  • Itching and peeling of the skin around the affected joint
  • Reducing mobility in the affected joint
  • Red and purple skin around the affected joint
  • Warmth, swelling, pain, and tenderness in the joint

Essential oils that have the healing properties that will treat these symptoms include:

  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Frankincense
  • Lemon
  • Cypress

These oils stimulate better blood flow in the body. This means your body’s own natural healing process is ramped up a gear. All contributing factors at getting gout under control and starting the healing process.

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Best Essential Oils for Gout

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With this in mind. Here are some of the best essential oils for gout looked at in more detail. Using these will help you get the symptoms under control and speed up the recovery process.


Frankincense essential oil is a powerful and versatile oil for treating a number of health concerns. It’s commonly used to help treat headaches, skin issues, strengthening the immune system, and increasing blood flow.


Lemon essential oil is great for gout. Lemon has a lot of strong healing properties, be careful to buy a brand that is safe for ingesting if you’re going to take with a little water.


Cypress essential oil is very aromatic and blends well with other oils. It’s a therapeutic oil and its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce the swelling and pain of gout in a joint.


Rosemary essential oil has antibacterial, antioxidant, analgesic and anti-arthritic properties. It packs quite the medicinal punch, and certainly worth trying if you are suffering with gout.

doTERRA Essential Oils for Gout

With a condition as temperamental as gout I recommend using doTERRA essential oils. doTERRA use therapeutic grade oils with the finest, high quality extracts.

They are one of the leading brands of oils and are known to be very effective for medical conditions. Some lesser brands will not use as high quality extracts, always be aware of what you’re paying for.

How to Use Essential Oils to Treat Gout

I always preach safety first. Especially when using oils to treat health concerns. It’s very important you follow any direction very closely, and don’t try to make any of your own changes.

Essential oils have an effect on our bodies. From smelling them, to rubbing them in to muscles, and even sometimes ingesting them. Here are some methods you can safely use to gain the benefits from oils:

Mixing with Carrier Oils

Add a few drops to a carrier oil like olive oil, or coconut oil. Blend the oils together and use as a massage oil on the affected area. Use this 2-3 times a day.

Adding to a Warm Bath

Adding a few drops of your chosen oil to a warm bath gives you the benefit of having the oil soak into your skin, as well as inhaling the scent. This is a great way to have a relaxing, pampering session.

Diffusing into the Air

I love diffusing oils and giving the room or house a nice smell. You can change the mood of everyone, reduce stress, and create a healthy environment for your body to heal.

Using Lemon and Water to Treat Gout

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Lemon has some direct benefits at treating gout. In essential oil form you can make a water drink by mixing a few drops in and easily ingest it this way. The lemon works by dissolving the crystals that are building up in the joint fluid and causing the condition.

You absolutely have to make sure that the lemon oil can be ingested. Not all of them can. If you have any doubts always check with a healthcare professional. Safety should be your first concern.

Why Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in one form or another. The extracts from plants are taken through either cold pressing or steam distillation. Giving you a natural and powerful substance.

This is why I recommend doTERRA essential oils for gout. You’re using a natural substance, not chemicals and synthetic ingredients as will be prescribed from a doctor.

If you have never tried essential oils for healing you are going to be blown away. You will feel all-round better in yourself. Both physically and mentally, and aid your recovery process.

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