How Best to Use Lavender Oil in Bedroom for Sleeping

How Best to Use Lavender Oil in Bedroom for Sleeping

If you’re new to using essential oils you may not know how best to use lavender oil in bedroom for sleeping aid and to help give you a better night’s sleep. I’ve been using essential oils for a few years now and have tried pretty much all the methods of use available.

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about this amazing oil and how you can finally get that good night sleep you desperately need. Essential oils are a natural and safe way to enjoy a wide range of health benefits too. No side-effects to worry about as you would with traditional medicine.


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Why Use Lavender Oil to Help You Sleep Better?

Using lavender to help you sleep better

Lavender is one of the best essential oils to aid sleep, if not the best essential oil to help with this issue. If you want to read scientific research to back this up then check out this research from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

But, take it from me. I’ve used lavender oil myself to relax and sleep better at night and I’ve spoken to lots of people who have also used it. It works! So, if you’re struggling to sleep well and want a natural and safe solution to help you sleep better, read on:

How Best to Use Lavender Oil in Bedroom for Sleeping

Using lavender To Make a Lavender Natural Perfume

Pillow Sprays

You can add a couple of drops of lavender oil onto your pillow, or add a cloth underneath with some on. This can be a little strong for some people however, and concentrated in a certain area.

Pillow sprays are the perfect answer. The lavender pillow spray below is from Aura Cacia, it contains pure lavender essential oil and makes it easy to give your pillow a few sprays before going to bed a gives a nice fine mist.

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Topical via Massage Oil

There are few things more relaxing than a massage. If you have a partner willing to give you a body massage that’s perfect, otherwise you can massage your neck, shoulders, feet, and any other areas holding a little tension.

If you’re struggling to sleep I can almost guarantee this is going to make a huge difference. You get the benefit of relaxing your tired muscles that might be keeping you awake due to being uncomfortable and holding tension.

The pleasant aroma of the lavender oil will work wonders to help you sleep. If you suffer from nighttime headaches massage a little into your temples and neck for maximum effect.

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Diffusing essential oils is one of the easiest ways to use oils. They work by producing a fine mist of water and oil and spraying it into the room. This is particularly good for helping you to sleep better as you can spray a mist in your bedroom and breathe in the lavender as you drift off.

Good diffusers, like the Anton Pilgrim one I’m using at the moment automatically switch off when they run out of water. They also operate silently, so you’re not going to be disturbed while you sleep and they are safe.

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Warm, Relaxing Bath

Using lavender for a relaxing bath

Having a warm bath is a great way to unwind and can help improve sleep on its own. Combined with a few drops of lavender oil you are almost certainly going to have a better night’s sleep.

Lavender oil is also good for your skin, helps reduce dandruff, and much more. So, if a warm bath helps you to unwind adding a few drops of lavender should be an easy decision. You can still use lavender in your bedroom after through any of the other methods covered in this post.

Check out this post where I cover 11 awesome uses of lavender essential oil.

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What Are the Health Risks of Not Getting Enough Sleep?

If you’re reading this post you are struggling to sleep for one reason or another. The good news is, using lavender oil in your bedroom as directed above will help you get a better night’s sleep.

The bad news is that not getting enough sleep on a regular basis is potentially very bad for your health. If you’re already experiencing any of the following you need to start doing something about it right now.

You’re Finding It Hard to Concentrate and Think Straight

One of the first signs of being overly tired is not being able to focus or concentrate. This is a sign that your brain is in severe need of some rest to recharge. This can be potentially very dangerous if you’re driving or in control of machinery etc.

You Are Getting Sick More Often

Lack of sleep reducing your immune system and illnesses will start to creep in more often. This might be annoying colds and coughs at first, but can lead on to much more serious health conditions.

You Are Lacking Patience

If you’re tried you might find yourself being a lot more snappy and easily annoyed. You will feel mentally and physically fatigued, and this usually results in most people becoming agitated. This can cause arguments, fights, cause problems at work, and more.

You Are Gaining Weight

Some studies were carried out monitoring 16 people and discovered that sleeping less than five hours a night can result in gaining up to 2lbs a week! Being sleep deprived encourages people to snack more during the day, skip breakfast, and slows down your metabolism.

This can lead on to some serious health conditions like diabetes, heart problems, and the other issues that arise due to being overweight in the long term. Certainly something to think about, and when lavender can make a huge difference – it shouldn’t be a difficult choice.

Check out my post on essential oils for weight loss here.

Precautions before Using Essential Oils to Help You Sleep

Precautions before Using Essential Oils to Help You Sleep

Always check with your doctor before using essential oils. If you’re struggling to sleep there may be some other underlying issues that need to be looked at from a medical perspective.

Essential oils, especially lavender, are effective at aiding sleep. Always use good quality oils, such as the doTERRA lavender oil I’ve featured in this article. Test a small patch of skin if you’re going to use essential oils topically to check for any sensitivity.

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