Benzoin Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Benzoin Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Benzoin essential oil benefits and uses have been recognized for thousands of years where it was originally used as a holy aromatic agent in temples and many other religious ceremonies. The process of making Benzoin oil is a long process that involves tapping into the Styrax Benzoin tree to extract the gum resin.

The resin is left to harden and dry for three to four months. As the oil begins to thicken and hardens it goes from a yellow to a brownish-red color. After that time the dried resin is then sifted and graded.

Benzoin oil comes with a sweet vanilla scent. It is available as a powder, a form of medicine or an essential oil. This essential oil also comes with many health benefits.

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Benzoin Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Helps Lift Mood and Reduce Depression

Benzoin oil is able to lift up moods, which it why it is widely used in many religious ceremonies all around the world. This oil was used to create a happy mood during celebrations. It is mainly found in incense sticks, which once burnt will give off a smoke with a vanilla scent.

The molecules of this oil will get into your nostrils. Which triggers your smell receptors and the effects are transferred to your brain. Once your nervous center has been activated your mood and spirit will begin to improve.

Helps You to Relax and Is a Natural Sedative

This essential oil can also work as a relaxant or sedative. As a result, it has the ability to help relieve anxiety, stress, tension, and nervousness. For many people, this oil will work to bring the nervous and neurotic system back to normal.

If you suffer from depression, using Benzoin oil will be able to help calm and relax your mood. However, the tranquilizing effect of this oil can have detrimental effects on students who are taking exams.

Helps to Protect and Heal Wounds

For many years, it has been known that Benzoin essential oil works to protect wounds from infections. It can also help promote healing the of your injuries or wounds.

Antiseptic Properties Help Heal up and Disinfect Wounds

Benzoin oil makes a good antiseptic and disinfectant. It is able to eliminate bacteria, viral, and fungus from your body. Benzoin also works to disinfect harmful germs from your body.

When it is applied to your affected skin area, you dramatically decrease the risk of getting sepsis.

Benzoin Essential Oil Health Benefits and Uses Listed

Relieves Bloating and Soothes Stomach Cramps

Benzoin essential oil can also work to help prevent you from experiencing gas, while also helping with digestion and improving appetite. It does this by removing gasses from your stomach and intestines which relieve inflation of your intestines.

This is due to the relaxing effects that Benzoin oil has. It relaxes any muscular tension that you have in your abdominal area to help you pass the gas.

Is a Great Natural Deodorant and Perfume

Benzoin essential oil is a cyclic hydrocarbon, which makes it aromatic in nature. Having a strong aroma makes Benzoin oil a great deodorant for rooms and your body. Its smoke is able to drive away odor in any room.

In older days, women would use this smoke to make their hair smell good. You can also mix it into your bath or massage oils. If you apply it to your body, it will work to kill your body odor and any germs that cause the odor.

Helps Fight the Effects of Aging

Benzoin oil is able to nourish your skin and helps your look younger. The astringent properties can work to tone up your muscles and skin. This makes Benzoin oil a very productive face-lifting agent that also works to reduce wrinkles.

Helps Relieve Congestion and Elevate Coughs

This oil also works as an expectorant. Which means that the Benzoin oil is able to relieve congestion and elevate coughs. The tranquilizing properties can help you get some sleep if you are suffering from extreme congestion.

Being able to be used as an expectorant means that the Benzoin is used in balms, rubs, and vaporizers.

Diuretic Properties Helps Flush Toxins

Benzoin oil also has diuretic properties that are able to promote and facilitate urination. It works to help remove toxic substances from the blood through urination. It also works to help lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and lose weight.

Helps to Reduce Inflammation

Being high in anti-inflammatory properties means that this oil is able to sooth inflammation. This includes pox, measles, rashes, and can even help reduce inflammation in your digestive system.

Helps Reduce Rheumatoid Pain

Benzoin is most commonly known for its antiarthritic and anti-rheumatic properties. Rheumatic is caused by the buildup of excess water deposits in your system. This causes improper blood circulation, swelling, pain, redness, and inflammation.

All of these can have an impact on your normal body functions. When it is applied to your joints it is able to decrease any arthritic or rheumatoid pain you are experiencing.

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Benzoin Essential Oil Blends Well With

The oils that benzoin blends the best with include:

Ways to Use Benzoin Essential Oil

There are many ways you can use essential oils. Some suggested methods of use for benzoin include:

Diffusing – Diffusing oils is fun and easy. You can check out my review of the Anton Pilgrim Diffuser I’m currently using here if you don’t have one yet.

Topical Use – Benzoin has a lot of healing properties that are best achieved through topical use. My advice is to always test a small area of skin first to check for sensitivity issues. Then dilute with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil when using.

Aromatic Bath – Try putting a couple of drops into a warm bath or shower. You will breathe in the aroma and also benefit from the oil coming into contact with your skin.

Benzoin Essential Oil Side Effects and Precautions

There are no real side effects to this oil when used correctly and as recommended on the bottle. Always use a good quality oil as recommended here to make sure you’re getting a pure oil. Some cheaper oils contain other ingredients that may cause irritation.

Don’t use dill directly on the skin undiluted unless directed to by a professional. Always dilute with a carrier oil when using topically too. Some people may have a sensitivity to oils, so always check on a small area of skin first.

As always, oils are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you experience any reactions nor ill-effects, always contact your doctor immediately.

In Summary

Benzoin essential oil has a wide range of health benefits and should certainly be one of the first oils you buy, or have a place in your collection. It’s warm vanilla aroma is very relaxing and enjoyable.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s a pourable resin, so it’s not the same consistency of other oils. But it can still be used in many of the same ways and is commonly used in aromatherapy. It’s also great used in homemade soap as it helps preserve soap and make it last longer.

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