Essential oil diffuser not working

Bamboo Diffuser Not Working? Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Power and Misting Issues

Is your bamboo diffuser not working? Do you have issues turning it on, diffusing, misting, or something else?

I’ve covered some general troubleshooting tips in this article that will help resolve most issues.

If none of the tips help then it’s likely there is a mechanical or electrical fault that you can’t fix. In that case, you need to find out the exact model and brand of bamboo diffuser you have and contact the manufacturer.


Bamboo Diffuser Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re experiencing problems with your bamboo diffuser not working optimally, or at all. Here are some general troubleshooting tips to help you figure out why it’s not working properly:

  • Make sure your diffuser is situated on a flat and level surface.
  • Check there is enough water in the bin, fill to the max line but not over it.
  • Check the power supply is working. Is the diffuser plugged in and switched on at the wall?
  • Check the power supply is plugged into the diffuser unit properly and hasn’t wriggled loose.
  • Check the power supply by plugging another electronic device in if you’re not 100% confident.
  • Check you have turned the diffuser on properly, is there a light indicating it’s on?
  • Remove the water and clean out the diffuser, refill and try again.

If your diffuser is still not working after you’ve checked all these basic steps see below for more specific solutions to problems.

As well as how to maintain and keep your diffuser clean and working optimally.

Bamboo Diffuser Won’t Turn On

If your diffuser won’t turn on there are few things to check, these are:

  • Is the adaptor plugged into the mains correctly?
  • Is the power supply also connected properly into your diffuser?
  • Is the diffuser situated on a flat and stable surface?
  • Have you tried unplugging the power supply for 30 seconds and plugging it back in?

If none of these steps help resolve the issue of your diffuser not turning on there is likely an electrical fault with the unit.

Bamboo Diffuser not Misting

Diffusers not misting as strong as they did when they were new usually means they need a good clean as the outlets are becoming blocked. Try checking the following:

  • Have you run your diffuser through a cleaning cycle? (instructions below)
  • Pour out the water and replace it with new tap water.
  • Check the level of the water does not exceed the max line.
  • Ensure the diffuser is situated on a hard, flat surface.
  • Ensure there is nothing obstructing any air intakes.

If none of the above makes any difference there is likely a fault with your diffuser. I suggest contacting the seller or the manufacturer of the diffuser.

Cleaning Your Bamboo Diffuser

Before cleaning your diffuser it’s always a good idea to check your manual for any special cleaning instructions if you have it.

I found white vinegar to be the most effective and easy way to keep my diffusers clean and running optimally, so this is what I recommend.

There are just a few simple steps to follow that will take you a few minutes as follows:

  • Pour out any water in your diffuser.
  • Fill it halfway with new tap water.
  • Add 5-10 drops of white vinegar to the water. Taking care not to spill the vinegar on the bamboo outer case, keep it in the water bin.
  • Switch the diffuser on and let it diffuse the mixture for 5-10 minutes.
  • Switch the diffuser off and pour out any remaining water.
  • Using a Q-tip dipped in vinegar wipe the insides of the water bin if needed.
  • Rinse out the diffuser a few times to remove any traces of the vinegar.
  • Fill it with water, add some of your favorite oil and you’re ready to go.

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