Is Your NOW Diffuser Not Working Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Is Your NOW Diffuser Not Working? – Troubleshooting Tips Here

I’ve owned a couple NOW diffusers. While they are excellent diffusers when they are working, I’ve had a few problems and I’ve read that quite a few others have had some issues too.

I enjoy finding out how to fix things and always managed to get my diffuser working again. Most problems can be solved, so here are some of the common issues that may be causing your NOW diffuser to stop working properly.

Tip – Check if your diffuser is under warranty before trying to fix it. As annoying as it can be returning things, you might void the warranty if you tamper with the diffuser yourself.


Now Solutions Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Not Working – Troubleshooting and Fixes

NOW Diffuser Not Misting

If your diffuser isn’t misting or it’s producing very little mist check the following:

  • This might seem obvious, but it happens. Check that you have enough water in the bin inside your diffuser.
  • Give your diffuser a good clean. There may be something blocking it from misting properly, even if it’s fairly new it’s possible something is causing the issue.
  • Check if the model of NOW diffuser you have has any settings for the amount of mist it produces. It may be on such a low setting you can barely see it working.

NOW Diffuser Keeps Turning Off

If your diffuser keeps losing power and turning off or doesn’t have any power and will not turn on at all, check the following:

  • Check the power supply is properly and securely connected into the socket. It may be worth checking another socket in the home incase there is some issue here.
  • Check the power and all the leads are compliant with the country you live in. I know some, if not all the NOW diffusers are made in China and primarily for the US market, so if you live in other countries this might be the issue.
  • Look carefully around the point where the power cord enters the diffuser. Look for damage to the wire, movement, and see if the power comes on when you move the wire. If so, this sounds like there might be a loose connection.
  • Check there is enough water in the unit. Most NOW diffusers have safety cut-off switches and will not turn on or operate without enough water.

NOW Diffuser Troubleshooting

Here are some general troubleshooting tips if your NOW diffuser isn’t working properly:

ProblemCauseHow to Fix
Not misting at allDiffuser has no water
Bad water in diffuser
Add water to the bin
Try tap water
Not misting enoughDiffuser is dirty or blocked
Too much water in bin
Clean the diffuser (see below)
Don’t go over the ‘max’ line
Lights are flashingWater level indicator is dirtyClean the diffuser (see below)
Doesn’t stop mistingWater level indicator is dirtyClean the diffuser (see below)
No powerDiffuser isn’t plugged in
Plug fuse blown
Check the connection to socket
Check and replace fuse

General Diffuser Maintenance Tips

If you want your diffuser to last as long as possible you need to look after it just like any electronic device. Here are some care tips to carry out:

  • Don’t try to use any third-party items, like different power adapters.
  • Always have water into the unit before switching it in.
  • Avoid overfilling the diffuser and wipe up any water you spill down the side or around the unit.
  • Only use quality essential oils. Don’t attempt to use any other fluids you think will work well, stick to essential oils.
  • Always position your unit on a flat surface.

Keeping Your Diffuser Clean

When using essential oils in your diffuser, over time there will be a build-up of small deposits. These will reduce how effectively your diffuser works and can confuse the fill indicator.

Use an alcohol wipe after every few uses to wipe away any debris. If you can see some dirt not shifting then try using a few drops of vinegar and water.

Final Thoughts

NOW Foods diffusers are typically quality units that will last a long time when looked after and well maintained.

Diffusers are one of the best ways to use essential oils around the home or office. There are numerous benefits to diffusing. I hope you’ve found this article helpful, if you have any other tips or advice please share below.

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