How Many Drops of Thieves in Diffuser per ml of Water? Ratio/Table Here

By Jessica Fuller / March 2, 2018
How Many Drops of Thieves in Diffuser per ml of Water

Thieves essential oil is one of the more popular oils used in aromatherapy and has a number of powerful wellness health benefits.

If you’re wondering how many drops of Thieves to use in your diffuser. The ways to use this oil, and the wellness benefits of Thieves – read on!

Thieves 15ml Essential Oil by Young Living Essential Oils

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How Many Drops of Thieves in Diffuser Should I Be Using?

Young Living recommend using 6-8 drops of Thieves in a diffuser. Although they don’t specify how much water you would mix this with, and that’s an important factor.

I put together a post with more detail about how many drops of essential oils to use per the amount of water here if you want some further reading.

Here is a table to give you an idea of how many drop to use per the size of your diffuser and how much water you’re using:

Diffuser bin sizeNo.of Essential Oil Drops

What’s in Thieves Essential Oil?

Thieves essential oil has been trademarked by Young Living, although there are some other oils going by the same or similar names to try and get your business.

I’m looking at the Young Living Thieves essential oil therefore, the ingredients are:

  • Clove bud oil
  • Citrus lemon oil
  • Cinnamon bark oil
  • Eucalyptus leaf oil
  • Rosemary leaf oil

I’ve covered most of these oils individually before and they are all wonderfully enjoyable oils. However, together they blend well and offer some strong wellness properties.

To mention just a few uses, thieves is used to aid digestion, nourish skin, boost your immune system, calm and relax you, and is very effective at relieving the symptoms of colds and congestion.

Thieves 15ml Essential Oil by Young Living Essential Oils

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Ways to Use Thieves Essential Oil

Diffusing – I’ve explained how many drops to add to your diffuser above. Diffuse around the home to create a relaxing and calming environment.

Try diffusing at night too if you want to sleep better. Add some lavender for a more powerful sleeping aid.

Topically – Mix 1 drop of Thieves with 4 drops of a carrier oil to make a massage blend you can use on your skin.

Always test a small area of skin first for any sensitivity issues.

Cleaning – An often overlooked use for essential oils is cleaning around the home. Mix a few drops with baking soda and you have a powerful cleaning agent you can use on carpets, mattresses, and so on.

You can also add to dryer sheets for fresh smelling clothes, the dishwasher to remove odors… the uses are endless.

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