What Kind of Massage Should I Get After Liposuction

What Kind of Massage Should I Get After Liposuction?

If you’re wondering what kind of massage should I get after liposuction or which is best to aid your recovery – you need a Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

With most patients, liposuction leaves excess lymphatic fluids in the area that has had surgery and this is one of the causes of the swelling and discomfort.

This is a completely normal after effect of the procedure and you should have been briefed about this by your surgeon so the swelling doesn’t come as a surprise.

In simple terms, lymphatic massage involves working on the area with the swelling and build up of fluids to help your body drain the fluids.

This speeds up the rate that the swelling goes down, helps you feel better quicker, and gets you back to your best in the quickest possible time.

So why wouldn’t you have a lymphatic massage?


Lymphatic Drainage Massage Video

What Is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic massages utilize long, gentle, rhythmic strokes, it’s not firm or painful, and is a very relaxing form of massage.

You might be in a little pain and discomfort from the liposuction, but the massage is only going to speed up your recovery so it’s an absolute must regardless of how you feel.

Our lymphatic systems are responsible for flushing toxins, helping us fight off infections, and keeping us feeling our best.

The system doesn’t pump itself, it relies on pressure from movements to push the fluid around. So any help from a massage is welcome.

How Many Lymphatic Massages Do I Need After Liposuction?

This is always hard to put a number on as everyone’s body reacts differently after surgery and to the effects of massage.

I would be surprised if you needed more than 4-5 massage sessions though to give you a rough idea of what you’re in for.

You should start to see and feel the difference after 1-2 sessions too.

What to Expect from Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you are new to massage therapy you have nothing to be worried about, I will say that right off the top.

Massages are one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences you can have. As well as offering a wide range of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

But enough of the pros of massage and onto the specifics of lymphatic drainage massages.

You will have a consultation first. This is your opportunity to talk through how your liposuction went and how you’re feeling.

They will also check some other areas of your health and medical history to make sure you’re fit for a massage.

You might find the room a little warmer than you’d expect. This is because the lymphatic flow is further stimulated by heat, as well as having the added benefit of making sure you’re warm and comfy.

You’ll be laying on a massage table with your private areas covered with drapes. The therapist will start at an extremity, probably your feet or maybe your hand.

They will work inwards towards your core with long, gentle, rhythmic strokes, directing the flow at your lymph nodes.

It’s normal to feel very tired afterward. Make sure you drink plenty of fresh water immediately after, and in the coming days.

Your body will be flushing toxins and reducing swelling. This will take a toll on your energy levels, so take care of yourself and rest up. I’m sure you’ll a little sore from the liposuction too anyway, right?

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is an interesting form of therapy that has a wide range of benefits that can help outside from just recovering from liposuction.

This form of therapy is also recommended for:

  • Helping boost the immune system
  • Speeding up the recovery from illness
  • Reducing water retention and swelling
  • Stimulating weight loss
  • Improving the condition of your skin

A lot of people have this type of massage to help improve the condition of their skin. It’s great for opening and cleaning pores, reducing blotching, scar tissues, and other blemishes.

Reducing toxins in the body also has the added benefit of improving the condition of your skin, so it’s a form of therapy to look at if this is your objective.

If you’ve had liposuction and used massage therpary afterward to speed up your recovery I’d love to hear how you got on and which type of massage you had, just leave a note below. Thanks.

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