What Happens If You Don't Drink Water after a Massage

What Happens If You Don’t Drink Water after a Massage?

You will have been advised by your massage therapist to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to a massage, as well as immediately after.

If you’re curious as to why and wondering what happens if you don’t drink water after a massage I can explain.

At least, it’s better I explain than you try for yourself to see what will happen, right?

I’ve had clients turn up for a massage severely dehydrated before. As well as ignoring my advice to drink plenty of water afterward, so I know all too well the effects not drinking enough has on the mind and body.

Even if you’re well hydrated when you lay on the table, the toll a massage puts on your body means you will need to drink plenty of water afterward to rehydrate.

A massage stimulates your body to start pumping fluid around your body, particularly in the soft tissues being worked on. As well as increasing blood flow to your muscles and tissues.

Massage also improves your lymphatic function. This means your body is working harder to flush toxins out of your system.

These functions require plenty of fluids and are aided by you drinking plenty of fresh water afterward.

What Happens If You Don’t Drink Water after a Massage?

The main effects you’ll notice if you don’t drink enough fluids after a massage include:

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Headaches
  • Prolonged muscle aches
  • Joint stiffness

As you can see, you’re going to feel unwell and rundown if you don’t rehydrate after a massage.

You should also try to increase the amount of water you drink daily as part of a healthy lifestyle change.

Hardly any of us (me included) drink the recommended daily minimum as outlined by health governing bodies.

The recommended amount is around 8 large glasses day. That seems a bit daunting, right?

How much water do you currently drink daily?

Could you be drinking more?

Do you now know the importance of drinking plenty of water after a massage?

If you have any further questions or aren’t sure about anything you read here just drop me a note and I’ll try and help. (Or you can check my Massage Therapy FAQ and look for an answer there.)

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