Incall Massage vs Outcall Massage

Incall Massage vs Outcall Massage: Differences Explained

Being as I’ve worked as both an incall and outcall massage therapist the difference between the two couldn’t be more obvious to me.

But I do get asked questions about the topic quite often and the difference between an incall massage and an outcall massage isn’t as obvious to a lot of people it seems.

Nothing wrong with that. We only know as much as we’ve seen, experienced, or had explained.

I can explain the difference between incall and outcall massages for you and what to expect from both.


Incall Massage vs Outcall Massage

What Is an Incall Massage?

An incall massage will take place at the massage therapist’s place of work. This might be their home, salon, medical practice, wherever it is they work from.

The benefit to an incall massage is that the therapist should have everything they need to do their work readily available.

You will also have to pay less as there aren’t any traveling expenses and the therapist can use their time more efficiently slotting more sessions into their day.

What Is an Outcall Massage?

The easiest way to remember this is that an outcall massage is when the massage therapist is called out to meet you where you are.

There are some obvious benefits to the client to outcall massages. You don’t have to travel, you’re in the comfort of your home if you choose, and so on.

It should come as no surprise that you can expect to pay more for an outcall massage as it takes longer for the therapist and they have more expenses.

Is an Outcall Or Incall Massage Better?

This is going to come down mostly to personal preference. If you feel more comfortable in your own home, you’re going to get more from the experience.

If you want the best possible massage experience however you should go to the therapist’s place of work.

They can control all of the external influences, such as room temperature, noise, ambiance, and so on. As well as having all their equipment to hand.

Why Do Outcall Massages Cost More?

As mentioned above, outcall massages typically cost more than incall massages.

This is mainly because it takes up more of the therapists time to travel to you and then back to their place of work or their next appointment.

There is a cost to their time, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it costs more when you’re taking up more of their time.

There are also some travel expenses to cover. Some therapists will charge more depending on how far they have to travel, again this is fair.

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