Benefits of Holistic Massage

Benefits of Holistic Massage: A Natural and Powerful Form of Massage

There are many forms of massage therapy, each with their own range of health benefits. The benefits of holistic massage are a little unique however, as holistic massages are designed to work on you as a whole.

While massages like lomi-lomi, deep tissue, and Balinese have their own benefits and treat certain aspects of your emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. A holistic massage transcends all these aspects.

It’s an incredibly relaxing massage that stimulates lymphatic drainage, releases muscle tension, promotes emotional wellness, and helps you connect to your spiritual side.


Why Should You Have a Holistic Massage?

Massages in general deliver a wide range of health benefits, I always recommend having a massage to anyone experiencing and physical or mental issues that a massage can help with.

Holistic massage in particular is effective at helping improve your overall wellbeing. Not just for the period you’re on the table, but as an ongoing process.

It’s not just for someone with a knot that needs massaging. A pulled muscle, or some pampering. It’s best for people who want to work on their overall health and prevent problems as much as heal existing issues.

The mental and emotional benefits are incredibly powerful. Being able to focus, concentrate, and have a clearer understanding of what makes you feel well can be a real eye-opener.

You can look at holistic massage as a way to help you understand and reach your optimal health. With the understanding part being just as important as the benefits you’re feeling.

Benefits of Holistic Massage

Improves Circulation

As well most forms massage therapy, you can expect better circulation to the areas of your body that are worked on during the massage in particular.

This helps stimulate flushing waste and toxins from your tissues, helps your muscles recover quicker from injuries, and results in lower blood pressure.

Improves Mental Focus

One of the benefits that people often overlook is how holistic massage can help you mentally. It can improve how well you focus, concentrate, and if you meditate or visualize you’ll notice improvements.

This can also translate into sleeping better, and feeling mentally recharged. Particularly useful if you have something important coming up that requires your best attention.

Releases Endorphins

Anyone who has had a massage will be familiar with the rush of ‘feel good’ energy that flows through your body during, and after a massage.

These endorphins not only help you feel better, they can lower blood pressure and help improve your self-esteem and reduce the effects of depression.

Supports the Lymphatic System

Our lymphatic systems are hundreds of nodes around our bodies that help the body flush toxins and keep us operating at our best.

By stimulating the system through massage you can flush more toxins, boost your energy, improve your immune system, and more. You might feel a little sluggish at first as it takes a toll on your body, but you’ll feel amazing after.

Balances the Digestive System

If you suffer from digestive issues, or even conditions like IBS or Crohn’s, holistic massage can provide some relief from the symptoms as it helps balance the digestive system.

It can increase how quickly your body absorbs nutrients, the extra toxins being flushed helps your digestive system work more optimally, and massage also releases more enzymes which help break down food.

Promotes Better Relaxation and Sleep

If you’re struggling to sleep you are probably coming to your wits’ end. Lack of sleep causes all kinds of health issues and it can be difficult to find something that works for you without using traditional medicines.

Holistic massage helps you reach a deep state of relaxation. All of the benefits mentioned above combine to help you relax, sleep better, and recharge in a natural and safe way.

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