Hot Stone Massage Etiquette

Hot Stone Massage Etiquette (What to Expect and Do!)

Understanding hot stone massage etiquette will help you have the best possible experience during your massage.

Here are some of the most important things to be aware of before, during, and after a wonderfully relaxing hot stone massage:


Hot Stone Massage Etiquette

Always Be on Time

If you’re running late for your massage, please call the spa so that they can try to accommodate you.

Arriving late will cut into your massage time and it’s not fair to the therapist or other clients if your appointment runs over.

Things come up, and that’s understandable, but do everything in your power to turn up early and not feel rushed to start the massage.

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Turn Off Your Cell Phone

This one should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often people forget to turn off their phones before their massage.

Your therapist will likely ask you to leave your phone in the locker room or in your car so that you can fully relax during your session.

Cell phone noises are annoying for everyone, especially during a massage, don’t let it happen.

Ask Any Questions You Have Before The Massage

If you have any questions about the massage, make sure to ask your therapist before the massage starts.

This will help ensure that you are as comfortable as possible and that your therapist can address any concerns you may have.

Something might come up during the massage, and that’s fine. But the last thing you want to do is get into a debate about something while hot stones are resting on you!

Be Prepared to Undress – It’s Normal

Most massages will require you to undress, but don’t worry, you will be properly draped during the massage.

Your therapist will only undrape the part of your body they are working on at any given time.

If you are uncomfortable about removing all of your clothing, you can leave your underwear on. Just let your therapist know before the massage starts.

Never Proposition the Therapist or Make Lewd Comments

This should go without saying, but please do not proposition your therapist or make any lewd comments during the massage.

Your therapist is there to provide a professional service and anything else is inappropriate.

If you engage in this behavior, the best-case scenario is that you will be asked to leave and will not be given a refund.

You may even find yourself in legal trouble, it’s just not worth it.

Don’t Wear Strong Fragrances

Strong fragrances can be overwhelming for your therapist and distracting.

If you must wear perfume or cologne, apply it lightly before your massage so it’s very faint.

But honestly, you don’t need to wear anything. Your therapist will most likely be using scented oils anyway, so you don’t want conflicting scents.

Take A Quick Shower Beforehand 

It’s always good etiquette to take a quick shower before your massage.

This will help remove any dirt and oil from your skin so that the therapist can work more effectively.

It also means you’ll smell better, and of course, your therapist will want clean skin to work with!

A Tip Of Around 15%-20% Is Normal

If you enjoyed your massage and would like to leave a tip, 15%-20% is within the normal range of what massage therapists expect.

Of course, you can always give more or less depending on how well you felt the therapist did.

Leaving no tip is perfectly fine as well, but if you had an exceptional experience, it’s always nice to show your appreciation with a tip.

Don’t Try to ‘Help’ The Therapist

Your therapist is trained in how to massage you, so please don’t try to ‘help’ them by moving around or doing anything during the massage.

Just lie still and let them work their magic!

If you have any pain, discomfort, or just want something changed, please speak up and let your therapist know.

Your job is to lay there and let them place stones where they need to, they’ll move your body or ask you if you need to adjust for them.

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Don’t Turn Up If You’re Sick or Unwell

If you’re feeling sick or unwell in any way, please don’t come in for your massage.

It’s not fair to the therapist and it’s not fair to the other clients who may catch whatever it is you have.

Plus, you’re just going to feel awful during the massage if you’re not feeling well as well as after as it stimulates the release of toxins!

So there you have it, a few etiquette tips to help you make the most of your hot stone massage experience.

Keep these in mind and you’re sure to have a great time. And if you have any other questions, just ask! Your therapist will be more than happy to answer them for you.

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