Ten Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Ten Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages are incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Massages like a Swedish massage, or a deep-tissue massage are of course beneficial and therapeutic too. But the use of hot stones gives a hot stone massage a unique feel, and the heat gives a deeper, more relaxing feel as it reaches parts of the muscle hands cannot.

What Is a Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy that uses both the massage techniques found in a lot of other types of massage, with stones that have been heated up in water that’s between 120 – 150 degrees.

The therapist uses the stones to glide across the body and give the muscles a deep, relaxing experience. As well as positioning the stones on certain areas and leaving them to allow the heat to slowly penetrate the tissues.

It’s a skilled treatment that is not always offered at every spa as it relies on some specific training, and having the stones to perform the treatment. There are self-heating stones such as the lava shell massage kits, as well as self-heating stones, and basalt stones that are heated up in water.

During a typical therapy, the therapist will use some Swedish massage techniques to warm up the client. The stones will be heated and when they are at the correct temperature they will be used on the client.

If the client has specified certain areas of the body that need attention or pointed out any injuries that can be treated, this will be worked on by the therapist. The complete session also involves the therapist going through a series of techniques to work on all the muscles in the body.

There are various sized stones that will be used on different muscle groups and skilled therapists will bring their own skills and techniques to the session. It’s incredibly relaxing and has a number of health benefits that make it an easy decision if you’re on the fence about having a hot stone massage.

Ten Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

1. Specific conditions such as Fibromylagia and arthritis can be treated, giving the suffer a great deal of pain relief often not found with other forms of treatment.

2. You can reduce pains and spasms deep in the muscles, often deeper than what can be treated than without heat.

3. Hot stone massage is incredibly effective at reducing stress, not just physical ailments.

4. Works out deep knots and issues laying in hard to reach places in the muscles and soft-tissues all over the body.

5. Stimulates more blood circulation around the body and aids the body’s own natural healing process.

6. Helps to reduce aches and pains developed through repetitive sports or work actions.

7. Provides some time to pamper and relax with just you, your thoughts, and of course the therapist but you will not notice them.

8. Helps you to sleep better at night by having a lasting, relaxing effect on your mind and body.

9. Reduces sprains and swelling or painful joints and conditions like tennis elbow.

10. Helps your body to release toxins being stored and draining your energy.

If these reasons aren’t enough to make you pick up the phone or make a booking online, I don’t know what would. A hot stone massage is one of the most soothing and deeply relaxing forms of massage available.

You don’t need an injury or an excuse to book one. The powerful mental and physical relaxing benefits await you.

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