How Long Do Essential Oils Last in the Body

How Long Do Essential Oils Last in the Body

A common question from people who are new to essential oils is, ‘how long do essential oils last in the body’?

There is no accurate answer to this question as there are several factors that affect how long the properties of an essential oil may be active in your body. Such as:

  • Viscosity of the oil
  • Concentration of the oil
  • Type of application method (Diffuser, topically, ingesting, etc)
  • Where the oil was applied if topically
  • Which oil was used

As a general rule however, it’s believed that oils only last around 30 minutes in your body.

When you absorb an essential oil the properties enter your bloodstream and will make their way to your organs and tissues. The oils eventually pass through your system and will be eliminated naturally through bodily functions and destroyed by your natural body acids.

This doesn’t mean you can’t experience the effects for longer. If you’re using oils that are relaxing it can start a process that lasts hours, or if you’re treating a skin condition it can clear it up for hours, days, or longer.

Different oils have different properties and will cause different reactions. Eucalyptus, for example helps with sinus issues and you’ll feel your airways opening up and be able to breathe better. While lavender helps you relax mentally and will help you sleep better.

Will Diluting Essential Oils Affect the Time They Last?

You will have read on this blog how I always recommend diluting essential oils with carrier oils like fractionated coconut oil when using them topically.

This is because in their concentrated form essential oils are very powerful. Often too much so for contact with skin and can cause a reaction. This doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the oil at all, but it does slow down the absorption rate and cool the oil a little.

How Often Should You Reuse Essential Oils?

As mentioned above, a lot of oils will have passed through your body in 30 minutes or so. If you’re diffusing oils that you can leave your diffuser running for hours if you want to keep up a sustained delivery of oil.

Topically you can reapply after 30 minutes. Essential oils are natural products and there are very few side effects and risks when used properly. Keep a close eye on how your body is reacting and act accordingly.

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