Honeysuckle Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Honeysuckle Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Honeysuckle is a plant native to eastern Japan. Its healing benefits have been known for hundreds of years and the plant has been used in medicines and other remedies by natives.

It’s also known as ‘woodbine’ if you’ve heard this name. This is because the plant is a twisting vine of woody stalks, and flowers with beautiful looking white and yellow shoots. The plant has a lovely aroma, and you enjoy this aroma from using the oil.

Honeysuckle essential oil benefits and uses can help you with a range of health issues. It’s commonly used by aromatherapists to help patients with digestive issues, boosting their immune system, reducing inflammation, and more general ailments.

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Honeysuckle Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Boosts Immune System

Honeysuckle has antibacterial properties making it a popular choice for strengthening the immune system and helping you fight off those annoying colds and flu bugs.

Reduces Inflammation

Honeysuckle is also an oil of choice to help reduce inflammation. You can use this oil to help with injuries and inflammation, or long-term health issues such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Reduces Fever

If you have a fever, diffusing honeysuckle can have some quick and effective results. Do remember that a fever is not the illness, it’s a symptom of an issue and you need to find out the underlying cause.

A fever is an abnormally high body temperature, you may also be shivering because you feel cold, and have a headache.

Tract Infections and Urinary Disorders

Tract infections can affect the bladder, kidneys, and the tubes connecting these organs. They can be incredibly painful, so diffusing some honeysuckle can provide some much-needed relief.

Relieves Headaches

There are a lot of oils that help relieve headaches and honeysuckle is one of them. You can either massage a tiny amount into your temples or if you prefer you can diffuse some while you lay down and relax.

Honeysuckle Essential Oil Health Benefits and Uses Listed

Honeysuckle Essential Oil Blends Well With

Honeysuckle oil blends really well with citrus oils in particular, try blending it with some of the following:

Honeysuckle Essential Oil Benefits and UsesClick here to buy this oil on Amazon.

Ways to Use Honeysuckle Essential Oil

Here are four methods of suggested use:

Directly Inhaling – Some people like to just carry the bottle around with them and have a sniff whenever they feel like it. You can also put a few drops on a cloth and keep that on you if it’s easier.

Topical Use – Essential oils are always the perfect match for a relaxing massage. Add a couple of drops with a carrier oil and massage gently into the desired areas. Always check a small area first to check for sensitivity.

Aromatic Bath – If you like relaxing in a hot bath you’re going to love adding a couple of drops of honeysuckle into your bath. The steam brings out the properties of the oil and it also absorbs into your skin.

Aromatic Diffuser – If you don’t already have a diffuser you’re missing out. Diffusing oils is fun and easy, you can diffuse while you sleep or go about your business around the house or the office.

Check out my review of the Radha Beauty Diffuser here.

Check out my post if you need to know how many drops of essential oil to use in your diffuser.

Honeysuckle Essential Oil Side Effects and Precautions

There are no real side effects to this oil when used correctly. Always use a good quality oil as recommended here to make sure you’re getting a pure oil. There are some cheaper alternatives that are not always pure.

Don’t use honeysuckle directly on the skin unless directed to. Especially not in large amounts, always dilute with a carrier oil. Some people may have a sensitivity to oils, so always check on a small area of skin first.

As always, oils are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you experience any reactions nor ill-effects, always contact your doctor immediately.

In Summary

I hope you give honeysuckle a try. If you like to experiment with oils it should be in your collection. Someone recently told me it’s a good cleaning agent too, I haven’t tried this yet but mixed with a little vinegar it shifts stubborn stains and leaves a lovely, fresh scent behind.

As you can see from the above, honeysuckle can bring a little warmth and life into the home and offers some wonderful health benefits.

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