Does Lavender Oil Repel Fleas

Does Lavender Oil Repel Fleas? Tips on How to Use This Natural Repellent

If you’re trying to get rid of fleas in your home, garden, on your pets, or anywhere else they are bothering you and you want to use a natural solution over chemical poisons essential oils can help.

You’ve probably heard that lavender oil is one of the best for all around insect and bug repellant, but does lavender oil repel fleas effectively?

The good news is that lavender essential oil does repel fleas, and is very effective at doing so when used correctly.

However, if you’re trying to kill fleas and go for a hard removal to make sure your home is flea-free, lavender oil isn’t strong enough to do that in most cases.


How to Use Lavender Oil to Repel Fleas

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It goes without saying that you enjoy the smell of lavender, right?

I hope so, because you’re going to be surrounded by the scent for a while until all the fleas are gone from the areas you’re treating.

Lavender oil is actually very effective at helping you relax, sleep, reduces stress, relaxes muscles, and reduces irritation if you’ve been bitten by a flea or another type of bug or insect.

So there are some added benefits to you using it around the home. But enough of all the pros of lavender oil, here are some methods to repel those pesky fleas:

Make a Spray Bottle

This is a simple as it sounds. Just mix some water with a few drops of lavender oil in an empty spray bottle and you have some lavender spray to hand when you need it.

This is one of the easiest ways to use lavender oil. You can now spray it in the areas with fleas or as a cleaning spray to prevent insects in certain areas.


For the best hands-off option, I suggest investing in a diffuser if you don’t already have one. All you have to do is add a few drops of oil and some water, switch it on, and it’ll diffuse (spray) lavender oil into the air.

It’s a remedy to repel all insects from the room with the oil being diffused in. It’s also great in your bedroom to help you sleep better and well worth using for that too!

Hoovering into a Rug/Carpet

Fleas have a habit of living and laying eggs in rugs and carpets, not just in the fur of pets and living creatures.

Throw a few drops of oil on a rug or carpet and give it a good hoover. This will spread the scent while dislodging and removing some of the fleas if they are in there.

Consider Planting Some Lavender in Your Garden

Why not plant/grow some lavender in your garden too. This will act as a kind of barrier of defense letting fleas and other insects know that there are better houses to infest.

Plus, lavender is an easy plant to grow, smells and looks great, and you can pick some to use for making your own oil, potpourri, homemade soaps and candles, air fresheners, etc.

Which Is the Best Essential Oil to Kill Fleas?

There are a few oils that are more effective than lavender if you want to rid your home of fleas rather than just repel them.

Here are three of the most effective essential oils for killing fleas and not just repelling them:

Cedar Oil

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I’ve used cedar oil myself to kill off some unwanted insects and bugs and can confirm it’s very effective.

It’s a lovely oil with a warming woody scent too, so I don’t think anything of using it around the home when cleaning or just diffusing into the air.

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Lemongrass Oil

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Lemongrass has some applications to kill and repel fleas and ticks from pets. If you’re going to do this I would always seek the advice of a vet first though as oils can be harmful to pets.

But again, it has a pleasant scent so start using lemongrass to clean surfaces, apply to yourself with a carrier to avoid being bitten, and diffuse.

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Peppermint Oil

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You’ve probably heard some of the old wives tales about peppermint oil keeping insects away, and it’s true, it does.

If insects come into contact with the oil it will kill them most of the time too. Not as powerful as cedar oil, but if you prefer the smell it’s one to use.

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In Summary

Essential oils offer a natural and safe solution to repelling and killing fleas and other insects. Does lavender oil repel fleas? Yes, it does.

Lavender oil is one of the best at repelling fleas and comes with the added benefits of being great for your skin and helping you relax.

So, it’s a joy to diffuse it around the home, apply to your skin to soothe bites, and spray in any areas where you think fleas are hiding out.

Why not pick up a bottle and give it a try!

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