Ideas for Using Essential Oils with Household Products

Ideas for Using Essential Oils with Household Products

I’ve been experimenting with essential oils and various products I use regularly to give them a much more enjoyable scent and add some useful properties. Here are some fun and useful applications for mixing essential oils into household products, let me know what you think.

Ideas for Using Essential Oils with Household Products

ItemEssential OilsAdded Benefit
Candles Mandarin A great oil for relaxing and unwinding
Shower GelLemon, orangeAdding citrus to shower gel gives you a fresh and clean feel and smell
Homemade Soap Lavender Lavender adds a fresh and lively smell to hand products
Body LotionRose, geraniumAdd these to a fragrance-free lotion for a nourishing and hydrating blend
Dish Cleaning LiquidLemon, orangeCitrus oils are powerful cleaning agents
Shampoo Rosemary, chamomileTo help stimulate the scalp and give your hair volume and shine
Fabric Softener Lavender Lavender is perfect for clothes, you will have a fresh scent with you all day
General Clearing SprayLemon, peppermintTwo oils with strong clearing properties and a fresh scent

How Many Drops of Essential Oil Should I Use?

When you’re mixing in oils with products it’s not a more is better policy. You need to act responsibly with oils as they are undiluted, powerful liquids. They are perfectly safe when used correctly, so don’t worry. When mixing oils with lotions and products I recommend following theses guidelines:

Amount of LotionNo.of Essential Oil Drops

You can use your own discretion a little. If you feel a few drops more or less works better then go ahead. Just be careful not to let undiluted oil come into contact with your skin. If you are making a lotion blend to use on your skin, always test on a small area of skin first to see if you have an allergic reaction. Allergies are rare, but it’s better to check a small patch before going all in and covering yourself!

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