Does Trader Joe's Sell Essential Oils

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Essential Oils?

I wrote a post covering the main stores that sell essential oils here, as well as post to help you find essential oils locally. However, there is some confusing around Trader Joe’s, and does Trader Joe’s sell essential oils or not?

This is because Trader Joe’s have sold essential oils before bearing their brand, and they were well received too because they were reasonably priced.

As far as I can tell however, Trader Joe’s no longer sells essential oils.

Which is a shame because I remember my mom having a bottle of Trader Joe’s lavender essential oil as a kid and I’d love to have some again to reminisce on the smell and the memories that would go with it.

Trader Joe’s peppermint oil was also a popular product that a lot of people reading this will remember. I’ve looked in some of their stores, searched online, asked around, I can’t locate this product any longer either.

What Does Trader Joe’s Sell?

For those who are not familiar with Trader Joe’s, I recommend making the effort to pop into one and check out what they sell as they have a huge range of products and are known for excellent quality and affordable prices.

Many of their products are also environmentally friendly and sourced directly from suppliers where possible to keep costs low. They also private label a lot of their products and sell that at good prices.

Another interesting aspect of their business model is that they actually listen to customers (businesses usually benefit from doing so). If a product isn’t getting good enough feedback they cycle it off their shelves to make room for something else.

Personally, I really like their ethics and business practices, which is one of the main reasons I shop there where possible.

It’s a shame I can’t find essential oils any longer, but they have loads of other cool products like jojoba oil, body and massage soaps and rubs (an awesome lavender salt scrub), and a wide range of other products to pamper yourself with.

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