Should You Drink Green Tea Before Bed

Should You Drink Green Tea Before Bed? Pros and Cons Explained

We need to be careful what, and how much we eat and drink before bed. For some people, just a small snack can really interrupt their sleep, for others a full tummy late at night helps them sleep.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t be eating for a least a couple of hours before bed. Some people rush to the bathroom in the night if they drink within a couple of hours too.

There are however some drinks that are beneficial in that window of time between your last meal and bed.

Green tea is one such drink.

Green tea has a wide range of positive health benefits. For most people drinking it before bed is one of the best times as it helps them sleep better, think clearer, and generally, unwind after a long day.

So, if you’re interested in green tea and have been on the fence about buying some – read on for a few of the reasons why you should unwinding with a cup of green tea before bed.


Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Before Bed

Sharpens Your Focus and Concentration

Green tea does contain some caffeine. Usually, you should avoid caffeine before bed so it doesn’t keep you awake with a buzz, but it’s a small enough amount not to bother many people.

It’s enough, however, to stimulate your brain and help you concentrate, focus better and studies suggest it even generates brain cells (source). Good if you like to read a book or do a little work last thing at night. Some even find it beneficial to help them sleep better.

Helps Fight Bad Breath

Green tea helps fight bad breath and helps with dental hygiene

There are few things worse in the morning than that morning breath. You’re not alone if this is you, and while some mouthwashes mask the problem they don’t help long-term.

Green tea helps keep bad breath at bay when you drink it before you go to bed. Brew up a strong cup of tea, the taste is nice and you’ll have much more pleasant breath in the morning.

Keeps Your Bones Strong and Healthy

The properties in green tea help to strengthen and restore bone density. Studies were carried out (source) across a number of patients with low bone mass and the results were positive.

If you have any brittle bones or issues with bone mass then add a cup of green tea into your daily routine.

Helps as Part of a Weight Loss Plan

Green tea stimulates and speeds up your metabolism which means you can burn fat faster as part of your workout and healthy eating routine.

I have to point out, it’s not a miracle weight loss plan. Don’t expect huge results, but drinking a cup of green tea a day will make a difference and I recommend if you’re dieting sensibly.

Increases Blood Flow

Foods and drinks that increase blood flow help you to heal quicker from injuries, give you a boost in energy, strengthen your heart (source) and help you feel better if you’re feeling sluggish.

Green tea has properties that help stimulate healthy blood flow. You may even notice a boost in natural energy and improvements in overall wellness when you drink it regularly due to this.

It’s Great for Relaxing

Green tea helps as part of a weight loss plan

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing after a long day and taking some time out for themselves? Across Asia green tea is appreciated and often drank with meditation or relaxation time.

Don’t rush it or treat it like a normal cup of tea. Take your time to relax and enjoy a cup of green tea. If you practice mindfulness or meditation, even better.

It Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels increase the risk of developing a stroke, heart disease, artery disease, and more. So taking steps to lower cholesterol levels naturally shouldn’t be ignored.

The compound Epigallocatechin Gallate found in green tea is known to help lower cholesterol, a nice added benefit to drinking a tea that already has a wide range of benefits and tastes great.

It’s Mood Lifting

A cup of green tea works great as a little mood lifter. The caffeine gives you a little energy boost and a buzz, and the other ingredients give you the feel-good factor.

This is also the result of the other benefits mentioned above. Being able to focus better, the health and wellness applications, it all adds up to a happier and healthier you.

Final Thoughts

Green tea is a great choice as a drink before bed. The only reasons I’d advise against it is if you tend to need to the bathroom in the night if you drink late, or if you’re sensitive to caffeine and get a buzz.

Otherwise, add a cup of green tea into your nightly routine and you’ll feel all the better for it. With so many positive health benefits, it makes sense.

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