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doTERRA DigestZen Digestive Blend Essential Oil Review

DigestZen Digestive Blend Essential Oil is a doTERRA blend designed to help with digestive issues, stomach upsets, bloating, trapped gas, and other digestion related issues.

It’s a powerful blend mixed by their team of aromatherapists. It includes several essential oils that are used to help digestion, such as peppermint, coriander, anise, and ginger. Together, blended in the right amounts they make an even more effective blend that’s a must try if you suffer from any form of digestive problems.

The aroma is really enticing, it’s a blend of mint, licorice, and has some sweet, spicy scents. I literally needed just a couple of drops of this each time I had stomach cramps or felt bloated and it gently resolved the issue.

Here is a complete review with all the specifics, how to apply and use this oil, and what you can expect from it.

doTERRA DigestZen Digestive Blend Essential Oil Review

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doTERRA DigestZen Digestive Blend Essential Oil Review

doTERRA DigestZen Digestive Blend Health Benefits and Uses

Soothing Stomach Upsets – The reason this blend was formulated was to soothe all kinds of stomach upsets and digestive issues. Rub onto your abdomen if you’re eaten a heavy meal, or if you get travel sick.

Maintaining Health Gastrointestinal Tract – Add to water and drank on a regular basis can help to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. It’s often better to prevent issues than curing them.

Soothing Bloating – Being bloated can be very painful and last for hours. By rubbing this oil into your abdomen or diffusing it around the home you can gently resolve bloating issues. It’s a natural and much safer way than using medicines and doesn’t carry the side effects.

How to Use doTERRA DigestZen Essential Oil

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DigestZen has been formulated to help resolve all those digestive and stomach issues. There are a few different methods of suggested use, try any of the following and see how you get on:

Topical Use – Mix a couple of drops with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil before using to minimize skin sensitivity. Massaging gently into the abdomen helps digestion.

Internal – You should always be very careful when using internally. doTERRA do include internal usage on their own direction for use however. Dilute one drop with 4 fl. Oz. of water or tea to help with internal digestive issues.

Hot Bath – Adding a couple of drop to a hot bath is a great way to breathe in this oil through the steam. Relax and set yourself some time to relax and you’ll feel your stomach cramps and pains drifting away.

Diffusion – Just add a couple of drops to your diffuser with some water and let the oil diffuse into the air in your home or at your workplace. An easy way for you and other to enjoy this oil.

doTERRA DigestZen Digestive Blend Ingredients

doTERRA DigestZen Digestive Blend Ingredients

There are a few carefully selected essential oils in this blend that all complement each other and come together to deliver the powerful digestion soothing properties.

Here are the oils used in this blend and the properties they carry:

Ginger Rhizome-Root – Soothes digestion and nausea.

Peppermint Plant – Soothes digestive issues and bloating.

Caraway Seed – Aids digestion and muscle cramps.

Coriander Seed – Soothes indigestion and upset stomachs.

Anise Seed – Promotes digestive health and heals.

Tarragon Plant – Improves appetite and stimulates digestive juices.

Fennel Seed – Good for digestive health and respiratory system.

Side Effects of DigestZen Blend Oil

The usual essential oil precautions remain. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any health issues currently being treated or not you should consult a healthcare professional before using this blend.

There is a possibility of skin sensitivity so always check by using a small amount on a small area of skin first. If you have an adverse reaction in any way consult your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.

doTERRA DigestZen Digestive Blend Essential Oil Review

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In Summary

The seven different oils in this blend have all been carefully chosen and blended to make an effective, soothing oil that helps relieve all kinds of digestive and stomach issues. If, like me you don’t like taking medicine to help with digestive issues this oil is exactly what you need to try.

I travel a lot, eat different foods, and have an interrupted sleep schedule which often leads to bloating and uncomfortable cramps sometimes. DigestZen has been a life-saver, since I’ve been using this oil I have barely had any bloating issues.

This oil has become more than a solution. I use it to help me unwind and as a precaution before travelling. I’ve read reviews from people with food allergies and celiac’s disease, and seen then say how much it helps to calm down their stomachs.

It really does what it claims to do and is a must try. You don’t have to suffer from stomach issues and pop pills to try and deal with it. Give DigestZen Essential Oil a try, it’s a natural and effective solution.

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