Can I Use Fragrance Oils in My Diffuser

Can I Use Fragrance Oils in My Diffuser?

Fragrance oils are great for adding scents to homemade products or just for filling your home with your favorite scent.

Fragrance oils are not to be confused with essential oils however, they are two very different types of oil.

Diffusers are the item of choice for using essential oils. A question that comes up a lot however is, can I use fragrance oils in my diffuser too?

The answer is NO.

There are a couple of reasons why you should not be using fragrance oils in a diffuser:

There Are No Wellness Benefits to Breathing in Fragrance Oils

The main reason to use essential oils in a diffuser is to spray a fine mist of the oil and water into the air so you can breathe in the oil and benefit from the oils unique wellness properties.

There are hundreds of essential oils. They are made by extracting the oil from plants and herbs, making them natural products and each has its own unique benefits.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are synthetic man-made oils. They are made from chemical compounds and are designed to smell like the chosen scent.

They are great for giving soaps, candles, perfumes and other homemade items a scent. You can smell the aroma but you shouldn’t be breathing in the oil broken down and sprayed into the air.

You Can Damage Your Diffuser and Void the Warranty

If the reason above wasn’t enough to stop you from putting fragrance oils in your diffuser, the fact that it will very likely damage your diffuser or void your warranty should.

They are too heavy and don’t have the same consistency of essential oils. It’s harder to clean them out of the small areas in a diffuser, and they will just block the nozzle.

Most manufacturers state that you cannot use fragrance oils in their diffusers. Or tell you not to use anything other than high-quality essential oils.

In Summary

Don’t use fragrance oils in your diffuser! Even if you’re out of essential oil and want to fill your home with your favorite aroma, stick to using only essential oils with diffusers.

I also explained why you shouldn’t use vanilla extract in your Scentsy warmer for the same reasons.

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