Seeing Indigo Color During Meditation

My Experience: Seeing Indigo Color During Meditation

The first time I saw indigo colors while meditating was about a year ago. I want to share my story because it’s had a profound and enriching effect on my life ever since!

What does seeing indigo color during meditation mean? Seeing colors while meditating usually relates to the chakra point associated with that color. Indigo is the color of the sixth chakra point, which is located on the forehead and also called the Third Eye.


What Does the Third Eye / Sixth Chakra Do?

The third eye, which is where the pineal gland is located, is a gateway to reaching a higher state of consciousness and spirituality.

Opening the third eye has been described as revealing the greatest secrets kept from humanity.

The feelings and experiences vary from person to person, and I know I have my own thoughts on this, but there’s no question that it does something very, very profound.

I’ve read accounts from people who have engaged with their third eye as having some of these effects on them:

  • Unlocking spiritual awareness
  • Developing parapsychological powers like ESP or telepathy
  • Seeing and feeling things other people can’t
  • Understanding themselves on a deeper level
  • Being more mindful and consciously aware

As you can see, people have reported some incredibly powerful effects from engaging with their third eye!

My Personal Experience of Opening My Third Eye

My Personal Experience of Opening My Third Eye

As it’s such a personal thing and everyone has a different experience when opening their third eye, I thought I’d share my experience;

I meditate daily. About a year ago I started seeing a purple color and a swirling vortex in the center of my vision while I had my eyes closed.

At first, it was just short visions. I wasn’t even completely sure what I had seen after opening my eyes. I didn’t focus on it too much at the time.

I was also experiencing light headaches throughout the day, and my forehead was sensitive to touch. I’ve found out that this is perfectly normal too.

I would see indigo and bright white colors during meditation on a more regular basis, and I started to get a “swirling” feeling on my forehead during and in between meditating.

Looking back, it’s clear to see now that things were starting to intensify as I was opening my third eye more often – even though I wasn’t totally aware of this at the time.

I started to notice the effects in my everyday life….

I started to notice some fundamental changes in how I felt, and how I was thinking about myself and everything around me.

It wasn’t so much that I was seeing or hearing things no one else was, as people say. More so, I was just being very mindful of everything without thinking about it.

I became very aware of everything around me. Sometimes it almost felt like I was seeing things in slow motion.

It’s so hard to describe and explain! I’m hoping someone else reading this will have experienced some similar things and will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The overall effect has been incredibly positive. I started working out again, I became more aware that I should be looking after my health, and I’ve been spending more time doing things I love.

These are all things I can honestly say were as a result of reaching this deep state in my meditation and opening my third eye.

Should You Try and Open Your Third Eye?

If you’re interested in spirituality, the subconscious mind, unlocking your potential, and anything else related to a higher state of consciousness – I think you should try and open your third eye, yes.

It’s complicated because it’s not something you should try and force or focus on. There are some things you can do to encourage it to happen though.

If you want to open your third eye, when you’re meditating you need to imagine an eye, a swirling pattern, or something you can resonate with in the middle of your forehead.

It may take some practice, but eventually, your visions will be replaced by something from your subconscious mind. Then that vision or color will develop into something you have no control over.


Hopefully, you now better understand what seeing an indigo color during meditation means. As well as what awaits you if you pursue this further and open your third eye.

If you’re seeing anything while meditating, colors, images, faces, a vortex, you should never focus on it at the time, but always look into what it means afterward.

Colors often related to their associated chakra. It may be a vital clue into a physical or mental wellness issue that you need to do something about.

Good luck, and I hope meditation enriches and brings as much happiness to your life as it has mine.

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  1. This is so interesting. Almost everything your describing even down to the slight headache is what I just experienced. During mediation, it started with different shades of moving black, almost like a tunnel but then a really bright “light” almost away from me but then when I with it, it was actually a light purple all around me along with a sudden rush of “warmth” and the best way to describe it; an all over feeling of “gratitude”, then I started to feel my body again but in a way it almost felt fluid like it was ebbing and flowing like a wave. It was beautiful. Before that I felt emotional and almost started to cry but then a sense of calm happened and that’s when the black tunnel then the purple light was all around. I took myself out of it for a few mins then went back in and immediately starting seeing a dark blue light all around. The whole experience was beautiful and intriguing.

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