Seeing a Vortex While Meditating

Seeing a Vortex While Meditating? Here’s What it Means

Seeing a vortex while meditating is one of the most rewarding, but also challenging and confusing things some people see.

I’ve been meditating for 10 or so years at this point. I started exploring what it means to see a vortex earlier this year when I experienced it for the first time.

I’ve discussed it with a number of friends who meditate. Some of which have had similar visions and experienced. As well as doing a deep dive into what research and personal accounts there are into this topic online.

Here’s everything I know and believe seeing a vortex while meditating means for me, for you. As well as how you can improve your meditation sessions and explore this further.


Seeing a Vortex While Meditating and Your Spiritual Eye

For most people, when you see a vortex while meditating what you’re actually doing is activating your spiritual eye. Also called the ‘third eye’ and known as the sixth chakra.

Some of you reading this will be aware of what chakras are and how they affect our wellbeing. Charaka’s are basically points or energy centers within our bodies that help the flow of energy.

There are seven main chakras located down our spines, from the top of heads to the root chakra located in our pelvic floor. It’s the sixth chakra, known as the third-eye chakra that’s located between the eyebrows that are ‘activating’ visions of vortexes for most people.

The third eye chakra governs intuition and provides a bridge between what we physically see, and what we visualize. It’s this connection that most people use to help them see and explore a vortex while meditating.

What Does a Vortex Look Like?

What Does a Vortex Look Like

It’s called a vortex because it looks very similar to a vortex in space. Most people see a tunnel, with different lights and colors around it. The colors will likely be moving and look like a swirling motion.

Personally, I see a deep purple or dark blue color with some white light and golden shiny colors. The tunnel or middle of the vortex is always very clear to me. It’s a still place, with a swirling motion going around the outside.

This is different for everyone, so I’d like to hear your experiences if you’re willing to share them. Just drop me a comment at the end of the article to share your experience with the audience.

How You Can See a Vortex While Meditating

If you want to practice opening your third eye and seeing a vortex while meditating, there are some steps to follow:

  • Firstly, don’t focus on trying to manifest or visualize a vortex. Any attempt to force it to happen will make it very difficult.
  • The best thing to do is to follow your normal meditation practice, especially if this is what has helped you reach this point before.
  • Don’t be mindful of the chakra point between your eyebrows. Instead, picture something in the distance in the middle of your vision and gently allow yourself to focus on this area.
  • You will feel your consciousness increasing, and over time you will naturally be guided to this place. It may take time, it may take many sessions. It’s different for everyone.
  • Like all meditation practices, it takes time and practice. The more you do this, the more familiar it will feel and the ‘easier’ it will be.

Is This the Same Vortex as Abraham Hicks Talks About?

Anyone who enjoys meditating will probably have heard about Abraham Hicks meditation techniques and entering a ‘vortex’. This is a different thing, although there are some obvious overlaps.

Abraham Hicks talks about a vortex as a continual state of mind, and being in the vortex means you’re in vibrational alignment with your desires and in a feel-good state. It’s not necessarily a place you go to while meditating.

This is actually something I’ve been exploring more recently, and working on. I’m going to write up some of my own thoughts and feelings on this subject in the future. It’s definitely a fascinating topic!

Meaning Behind Seeing Colors While Meditating

Maybe you’re not seeing a vortex or what you believe is the vortex, but you’re seeing colors while meditating. This is a positive step towards spiritual awakening and an indication that you’re activating your third eye.

The colors you are seeing while meditating are going to correspond with your chakra system (energy centers in the body). Each chakra is represented by a different color. Your body might be telling you of an ailment or issue with a certain area in your body.

Here is a brief overview of the different chakra points in the body and the colors they are represented by. As well as what it might mean if you’re seeing this color while meditating.

Red / The Root Chakra – This is the chakra point that connects us with mother earth. Some symptoms of imbalance include fear, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Orange / Sacral Chakra – This is the chakra point that is the center of our emotions, feelings, and stimulates pleasure. Some symptoms of imbalance include being overly emotional, mood swings, and feeling down.

Yellow / Solar Plexus Chakra – This is the chakra point that symbolizes energy, intellect, and ego. Some symptoms of imbalance include low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

Green / Heart Charka – This is the chakra point associated with love, compassion, and healing. Some symptoms of imbalance include lack of empathy, shyness, and loneliness.

Blue / Throat Chakra – This is the chakra point that is the center of communication and creativity. Some symptoms of imbalance include being unable to speak or express yourself, physical ailments.

Purple / Third Eye Chakra – This is the chakra point that helps with intuition, foresight, and imagination. Some symptoms of imbalance include feeling sick, compromised vision, clarity, and imagination.

Violet / Crown Chakra – This is the chakra that connects us with the universe and a deeper understanding of what’s around us. Some symptoms of imbalance include feeling a lack of direction in life, feeling disconnected spiritually, feeling sick and confused.

What Are Your Experiences with Seeing Vortices and Meditating?

How You Can See a Vortex While Meditating

I’d really like to hear about any experiences anyone reading this has had with seeing and experiencing a vortex is while meditating. It’s an experience that affects everyone differently, but there is a lot to explore and interpret through each and every experience.

There are meanings and reasons behind the different colors and shapes you’re seeing and experiencing. As well as different ways to get to this deep state of consciousness while meditating, and loads more to explore!

Seeing a vortex while meditating is one of the most rewarding, but also challenging and confusing things some people see.

I’ve been meditating for 10 or so years at this point, and I started exploring what it means to see a vortex earlier this year when I experienced it for the first time.

I’ve discussed it with a number of friends who meditate. Some of which have had similar visions and experienced. As well as doing a deep dive into what research and personal accounts there are into this topic online.

Here’s everything I know and believe seeing a vortex while meditating means for me, for you. As well as how you can improve your meditation sessions and explore this further.

21 thoughts on “Seeing a Vortex While Meditating? Here’s What it Means”

  1. Jessica, I see the vortex, but I see it basically all the time. My own opinion has been that this is somehow the wave aspect of light, as I also see partials – squiggles of light that move in circles, spirals, and sometimes, straight lines. I once saw one of these with the rainbow spectrum inside of it, in bands. I can see the vortex as simply vibration and movement against any solid background. I do see the tunnel, a vortex of warlike shadows, outside, in sunlight, when my brain is producing alpha waves – daydreaming, or reading.

  2. Marina Thompson

    I did it for the first time two days ago. It was an awesome experience. I felt like I was travelling through tunnels. I came to a place that had figures in black with no faces. They were all walking towards something. I was up higher, then I was thrown back into the vortex. I only saw it in black and white on this occasion. Two days later I saw a tunnel with a reddish tinge in the distance, then it closed and I saw a crevice with water gushing into it from either side. The last thing I remember was another tunnel but figures were walking in and out of other tunnels in the distance. I woke up with a headache.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, these are super interesting accounts. I’m going through some very profound and spiritual experiences of late myself, I hope to blog about them in more detail in the future.

      1. Hey Jess I just started meditating and almost every time I see this geometric shape, and I found out it’s called a Tarus Vortex Spiral. I’m not sure what that means but I can almost always see it.

      2. Done my first sound bath meditation this evening, and started googling to try understand what it was I was seeing.
        In the beginning I kept seeing blue/violet and then was seeing what looked like layers of sediment blues, greys and purples in a circular spinning motion, felt like it was deep in the earth, but only able to see half of the circle.
        Then out of nowhere there was a white and black corkscrew of energy spinning with the white eventually taking over the black side of the corkscrew spinning.

      3. Hi Jess
        I lost my son in July. I don’t meditate but for 2 nights when i went to bed and closed my eyes I saw many lazer like blue lights and the 3rd night a tunnel with different shades of purple and a white light at the end and a shadow was spinning round and round the edge of the tunnel. Could you maybe explain why I experienced this please. I am very spiritual and ask questions more or less daily about life and i try to understand it plus I have for many many many years gone through terrible stress.
        Thank you so much. 💜🙏

    2. I have had gifts since age 4 of premonition. Knowing of peoples death….before it happens. I HAVE heard trumpits in the year 2014 or 2015 have witnessed a vortex in my Truck while driving to a Church where the nights topics were Spirits. And have witnessed things move. What the heck is going on.. I am also an Empath .My numerology numbers are off the chart.

  3. Saw my first one today. It was a very dark blue with tons of white specs…swirling. It took me a minute to realize was I was seeing. It was exhilarating! It’s almost hard to put into words but I felt like pure energy, like I was no longer in a body. After I was done mediating that time, I looked up what I saw and then tried to go back in and do it again but wasn’t able to recreate the feeling nor see the vortex again, probably because I was trying too hard at that point. It was beautiful and magical. Looking forward to experiencing it again.

  4. I have started seeing and experiencing a lighted.tunnel. It is like flowing in a lighted cave. It has caverns and all kinds of other tunnels or vortexes. It opens up to huge High cathedral spots and sometimes it looks like water flowing below me. I feel like I am flying and sort of floating. Very peaceful. No thoughts. I see details of the walls like being underground but no heaviness or any fear of it. Very light and mysterious and I feel pulled to surrender to this peaceful journey.

    1. Finally I found someone who experiences the same thing in meditation. I am flowing or flying through tunnels. Like underground caves and caverns. They open up to cathedrals. They are lighted with a warm glow. Sometimes I am above what lookes like other beings who are around a very large round conference table or some sort of panel. It feels like a meeting that I am observing. I have even heard them talking at times. I feel like I am in some way apart of their plans But if I try to be apart if it I am shifted back into the tunnel. It feels very peaceful traveling through these tunnels. Sometimes there is a light ahead. Sometimes I go out and I feel a jolt like waking up from going out and I am back. Would love any thoughts.

  5. I began meditating 10 years ago and in the first week I experienced a vortex 3 times. My vortex was clear in the center and all around were stars. It appeared the stars were moving but I realized it was actually me moving down this star tunnel. I did not know anything about seeing a votex while meditating before these experiences. It was only after I experienced it that I then did some research to find out if others had experienced this as well.

    1. That is exactly what I am experiencing Darell. After that week what else have you experienced in the10 years of meditation? Does it go away

  6. I was watching a you tube discussion byChristina Lopes about the Divine Feminine, because I had been having symptoms in my bottom two chakras and didn’t understand what was happening to me. Halfway through I literally saw, with my eyes open ( NOT in meditation) a swirling orange vortex with an eye in the very centre. I re wound the video to check what it was about, and it wasn’t there! I had seen it visually super imposed on my screen! It was bizarre. So now I’m just trusting the Universe to help me understand. I know now that the Divine Feminine energy within me is waking.

  7. I began seeing vortexes in early 2021 while I was down in the Big Bend area of TX. Sometimes one, or a couple, and more rarely I will see upwards of a dozen small ones around a larger on in the center. I also began to notice a large “X”. I prayed on this and got the inspiration to try to make the “X” rotate to a Cross – and to my shock, it slowly rotated to a cross which rocked slowly left and right before settling. I prayed on this and get feedback that I should do this every time. Now I see 2 or 3 that I rotate to a Cross shape. After a while, I got the inspiration to slow down or speed up a vortex, and found I can do this as well! Don’t ask me what it means to slow or reverse a vortex, but that is what I do now to calm me…I try to stop the vortices, which takes constant attention because as soon as it stops it starts to rotate the other direction. So I basically turn X’s to Crosses, and and control the vortex – I have actually Jumped a couple times as I was doing this, almost like I was jerked awake or shocked. Very strange. I also see shapes darting left or right when I begin this , which seem to be entities of some sort, some of which look like fleeting faces. Background colors are usually red or purple, and the moving shapes can be black or neon yellow or white.

  8. subhransu Sekhar Swain

    hello Jessica🙏🕉💖 you are such an lovely soul. I really Appreciate your Enthusiasm towards your passions. I too started seeing a vortex since last few months. From my experience it all started with sun gazing and one day i was sitting with my mom and watching the sun and then suddenly a vortex appeared, it was so Ecstatic, i was jumping. And my vortex is basically Transparent💫. And it only occurs when i am Relaxed in a meditative state, basically experincing all the little things around me and it becomes sudden when i am in nature,like watching birds, the river flowing, like a motion following something that is moving☀👀. Thanks, I am Hoping You will Reply🙏🕉🌈🌟🥰

  9. Monica zavala

    Hello. Today for the first time I saw one. I was meditating and I saw a bright purple light in a shape of a triangle swirling into a vortex. Color was beautiful!

  10. I started meditating 2 months ago I saw it in about 3 weeks, kinda freaked me out , i also see blue ,purple and gold orbs, eyes , faces, sceneries like a mountain postcard . The other day the clouds cleared and I saw a baby I imediately thought of my 19-year-old son. That’s the other thing sometimes it’s really foggy other times I like fly through the tunnel with little stars all around me someone told me that I was astral projecting? I never get to the end of the tunnel I guess one time I did and it was just like a bright flash of purple like my whole vision turned white and then it went back to the stars and the fog.

  11. Francesco Durastanti

    Hi, I see a vortex while meditating … it’s gold and it’s BIG , it turns towards the centre of the forehead or sometimes it expands on the outside. It happens regularly in a deep state after a few minutes . I remember a day I felt asleep while listening to oraclegirl and after I woke up I saw it again but in blue colour this time. This is my experience …. What is this thing for ??????????????

  12. Hello,
    Last year in 2021, i experienced seeing a vortex twice, both while in deep meditation my eyes closed, but i could see the room with a vortex in front of me, what i noticed first was the detachment between my soul and body . The first time the vortex was just a big circle purple brownish without swirling, fixed like a picture, the second time there was a tunnel and swirls, and i was curious to get in, as i was moving towards it with my mind i felt like someone pulled a thread behind me that pulled me back in my body, so i wondered if an angel prevented me to go in because it was a trap or something

  13. I found your page exactly due to the reason that I’ve been seeing vibrant colors during meditation but recently they’ve formed vortexes and now I’m seeing figures, people, places in the ‘eye’ of the vortex. Violet, dark
    Blue and yellow swirling into a white center with very distant visions. I think my parents or my mum (both passed away a while back) appeared and I felt a wash of love and “hello” but it scares me so I usually zip right back to a waking state and feel sick, unnerved.

  14. I experienced my first time some years back on a road as I daydream into the street I would turn my head a look back it was still there for quite a while like tunnel vision

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