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Seeing Purple During Meditation? (Crown Chakra)

Are you seeing purple during meditation?

First of all, you’re not alone. A lot of people see various colors, have different feelings, thoughts, and more while meditating.

I myself started seeing the color purple a few years ago. It opened up my mind to a much deeper understanding and state of awareness of what I was experiencing during meditation at the time.

Here’s what it means if you’re seeing purple colors in some form while meditating:


Why We See Colors While Meditating

As I mentioned above, you’re not alone in seeing colors while meditating – it’s actually very common.

In most cases, the meaning of the visions or colors you’re seeing is related to the path you’re on while meditating. Or, it’ll be relating to a specific area of your body or a chakra.

I’ll get into that more in a moment. I have to say first, however, that it’s important that you don’t overthink any experiences you have while meditating. Especially during your session.

The real art is to let visions, colors, and feelings come and go while meditating and be present in the moment without focusing on them.

There is always time to reflect on your experience while you’re not in the moment.

Meditation Colors and Their Meanings

Meditation Colors and Their Meanings-min

Often, when we see a color while meditating it will relate to one of the 7 chakra points in our body.

Each chakra point represents a different focal point in the body. They are like spinning wheels of energy and light. When there is a problem with one of our chakras, our body and mind will find a way to tell us.

Here is a brief explanation of each chakra point and the color it’s represented by:

Indigo / Third Eye Chakra – Located in the forehead, this chakra represents our ability to focus.

Red / The Root Chakra – located at the base of the spine, this chakra represents our foundation and the feeling of being grounded.

Yellow / Solar Plexus Chakra – Located below the chest, this chakra represents how confident and in control we are.

Blue / Throat Chakra – Located in the neck, this chakra represents our ability to communicate.

Orange / Sacral Chakra – Located below the navel, this chakra represents how we accept and connect with others.

Green / Heart Chakra – Located in the chest, this chakra represents our ability to love.

Purple / Crown Chakra – Located at the top of the head, this chakra represents our ability to reach a higher state of consciousness.

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What Does the Purple (Crown) Chakra Mean?

If you’re seeing purple colors while meditating, there’s a good chance if your body tells you there is something blocking or conflicting with your crown chakra.

The crown chakras is located at the top of our heads. It acts as a portal that enables us to reach a higher state of consciousness – thoughts, and experiences that are beyond what we know as our limits.

It plays an incredibly important part both spiritually and mentally. It’s particularly important that we’re able to unlock this chakra while meditating if we are to keep expanding our awareness.

It’s also represented by the color white in some traditions and cultures. So, if you’re also seeing white while meditating, this is a strong indication that you’re engaging with your crown chakra.

Is this making sense? Do you feel as though there is an issue with your crown chakra?

It can be hard to pinpoint and understand. Some of the typical signs of a blocked crown chakra include:

  • Feelings of emotional distress
  • Feeling or being isolated from friends and family
  • Lacking spiritual connections or awareness
  • General confusion about your life and direction

Does any of the above sound familiar? If so, your crown (also called Sahasrara) chakra may be blocked.

The best thing you can do is explore this further through meditation (without focusing on colors if they appear).

It’s hard to do and may take some practice, but you need to let your subconscious mind guide you.

Here is a meditation technique that will help you target this chakra in particular.

Crown Chakra Meditation Techniques

Crown Chakra Meditation Techniques-min
  • Get yourself comfortable and free of distractions as you would for any meditation.
  • Whether you usually lie down or not, sit with your back straight and your feet touching the floor.
  • Either place both hands in your lap or let each hand rest out on either leg, but the important part is to face your palms up. 
  • With your eyes shut, take three deep breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • Now picture a lotus at the forefront of your forehead while you continue to breathe normally in and out.
  • Start to imagine the petals of the lotus peeling away one by one, revealing a purple light similar to what you’ve been seeing in your meditations.
  • This will put you in control of interacting and opening your crown chakra.

Do this for a few days in a row and see how you feel. It affects different people in different ways, you’re going to need to follow your own path from here.

Need guided meditations? Here are some of the best guided meditations on YouTube.

In Summary

In a nutshell, this is everything I love about meditation and why I always preach the importance of meditating to everyone I come across.

There are so many profound experiences, visions, and feelings awaiting you once you enter a deep meditation and access your subconscious mind.

Most importantly, I hope I’ve helped reassure you that it’s normal to see colors while meditating. Not only is it normal, but doing so very likely means your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something.

In the case of seeing purple, this is related to the purple (crown) chakra. You should address this first to see if it corrects andy imbalances in your life.

I hope this has helped. Good luck, and happy meditating!

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  1. Well so far so good ihave got all the answers to the questions that I had and Thank you so much for your help, May god bless you and may you continue to teach people about the supernatural.

  2. Lezli ilana Rose Hayes

    Thank you for the advice I just started meditating and I seen this beauti ful purple light with flashing white lights that had different shapes so I looked the meaning up so thank you I appreciate the knowledge wisdom and understanding

  3. Thank you so much for your article. I was wondering what your thoughts may be about my experience. I would always see a purple pulsating eye in the exact shade that is associated with the crown chakra during hypnotherapy sessions but not in meditation. The hypnotherapy sessions where always lead by a hypnotherapist, whereas my meditation was only guided by myself.

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