Salt Pillow Benefits

Himalayan Salt Pillow Benefits: Soothing and Therapeutic

If you’re looking for a way to soothe aches and pain, treat ailments, and give you that nice deep, relaxation session while using a safe and natural product – this article explains the salt pillow benefits and applications that can deliver all of this.

Himalayan Salt is used in lamps, cooking, bath salts, and pillows due to the wide range of therapeutic benefits it holds.

In pillow form, it’s easy to use. You can warm it up for deeper muscle penetration and some other warm, soothing applications, or use it cold to treat other ailments.

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Himalayan Salt Pillow Benefits

Using Salt Pillows for Ear Infections

If you have an ear infection or suffer from them on a regular basis due to sinus or allergy issues then a salt pillow might provide the relief you’re looking for.

The warm pillow can provide pain relief, while the salt helps to draw out the infection and absorb fluid.

Using Salt Pillows for Eye Therapy

The pillows are not very heavy, plus you can distribute the salt where you like within the pillowcase so it’s not uncomfortable on your eyes.

If you suffer from headaches or migraines then resting a salt pillow on your eyes and covering your forehead might be exactly what you need.

Alternatively, you can just use this as a deep relaxation method. Cold or warm, it’s incredibly relaxing, and unlike cold patches, you can reuse your pillow over and over.

Using Salt Pillows for Stomach Pain

If you suffer from IBS or digestive conditions like Crohn’s disease then you have probably tried a few different things to help soothe the pain and reduce the flair ups.

Try laying down with a salt pillow resting on your stomach. If you know when you have flair ups, like after a meal then you can be prepared and start the soothing process before the pain.

Using Salt Pillows for Back, Shoulder, and Joint Pain

You may have tried other types of pillows and packs for joint pains. There are some really good heat packs, as well as cooling packs for certain injuries.

Using natural Himalayan Salt brings a different feeling, and one I recommend trying. Use it cold for numbing sharp pains and reducing inflammation. Or hot for to help relax muscles and loosen stiff joints.

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How to Use a Himalayan Salt Pillow

Some products may vary so I always recommend checking the label carefully for instructions when buying a pillow.

But typically there are two ways to use them, cold, or warm.

There is not much explaining needed for cold applications, just place the pillows on the desired area.

You can put our pillow in the freezer if you like it really cold. Some people find this better for headaches, and it’s better than heat for injuries that are swollen.

Using pillows warm are much more therapeutic and beneficial. Typically you will need to warm the salt to around 175 degrees.

The best way to do this is in the oven, it should only take a few minutes. I would avoid using a microwave as this can damage the cover, it’s not worth the risk for the shortcut.

The feeling of a warm salt crystal pillow is incredibly soothing. The salt holds the heat for a long time, and the pillows can be reused over and over.

Heat is very effective at helping stiff joints to loosen up and relaxing sore muscles. Great for post-workouts or nursing injuries back to good health.

When using the pillow find yourself a nice quiet space where you won’t be disturbed so you can truly relax your mind and body.

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