Infrared Heating Pad Reviews

Infrared Heating Pad Reviews

Heating pads are wonderful inventions for soothing back pain. I’ve personally used one to nurse a lower back injury that was bothering me. Electric heating pads were all the rage some years ago, but these infrared heating pad reviews are going to be an eye-opener if you haven’t seen infrared pads before.

Infrared heating pads use infrared light therapy. Which is taking the home back-pain treatment scene by storm. They are incredibly effective and easy to use, and most people will make a complete recovery from their back injuries.

These pads use natural stones to create their infrared heat. It’s a much safer way than the older electric heating pads that used electrical coils are risked burning the person using it.


What Is Infrared Light Therapy?

Infrared light therapy is very similar to red light therapy. The main difference being that infrared energy is not visible and it penetrates deeper into the area of the body being targeted.

There are continual development and studies into infrared light therapy and more is being discovered all the time. It’s been used to treat brain injuries, speed up recovery from strokes, and help with the recovery after a heart attack.

Infrared heating pads are very effective at treating back pain. These pads can treat damaged nerves, the spine, and the muscles in the back. Some people report a complete recovery and the pain is completely gone.

Infrared Heating Pad Reviews

When it comes to treating back pain, infrared heating pads are one of the most effective and reliable products on the market. They aren’t cheap, but as I found when I healed my bad back – they are worth every penny. Back pain can be hell to live with, it’s just not worth putting off getting it fixed.

Therasage Far Infrared Heating Pad

Therasage Far Infrared Heating Pad

Amazon ButtonThis is the best of the best when it comes to heat pads. This model from Therasage uses natural jade stones and negative ions to create the heat. Which is a deep, penetrating heat that heals the back.

Some of the pros to this model include:

  • Up to 5,000 continuous hours of use
  • Heats up in under 20 minutes and is ready to use
  • Digital timer and automatic shut off feature for extra safety
  • Complete control over temperature and easy to operate
  • Easy to wrap and fold around your body
  • Portable and easy to take with you
  • Available in three different sizes

How to Use the Therasage Far Heat Pad

Firstly, you need to use the pad as often as possible and not take days off. This builds up the effectiveness and the speed in which you will heal. You can use it underneath or on the top of your body.

The soft pad allows you to use it on a chair or lounger easily. You can take it with you wherever you go, and it’s safe and quick to get a use out of.

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How the Heat Pad Works

The jade stones heat up and emits an infrared heat that is able to penetrate deep into the body. This relieves pain, works to break up the stress and tension being held in the muscles, and improves blood circulation.

Jade is known for its healing properties and is a stone that holds positive energy. It’s use in this pad is just perfect, and the speed in which the pad warms up means you can be using it within minutes.

When Can You Expect to See Results

Most people feel an immediate relief from pain once the pad has warmed up. While other people need several treatments to start to notice how the pain has reduced.

The results of Far-Infrared heat varies, but if you keep with it you will experience positive results. The pad comes with detailed directions, always follow these closely.

Infrared Heating Pad

Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad

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If you are looking for a heating pad that’s just as effective but less expensive than the Therasage, this Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad should be your first consideration.

It’s a great pad that has an overwhelming amount of reviews and positive feedback. I have looked through the reviews and it’s very effective, so you can be sure you’re getting great value for money.

Some of the pros of this model include:

  • Different models and sizes to choose from to suit your needs
  • Heavy duty and durable build that will not let you down
  • Different models with different degrees of flexibility
  • Complete sensitive control over temperature
  • Easy to wrap and fold around your body
  • Portable and easy to take with you

How Thermotex Relieves Pain

The anatomical and physiological design of the Thermotex is focused on improving the body’s blood supply and natural healing ability. The heat pad works deep into the body and heals back pain effectively.

Through accelerating the circulatory response of the body you can fight off pain and heal naturally. These heating pads work to address the cause of the pain and target the areas that are painful.

How This Heating Pad Can Help You

If you have an annoying back injury, muscle spasms, or joint pain, is traditional medicine and physiotherapy failing to help you? For a lot of people turning to a heating pad is the only thing that has helped them.

It’s certainly worth giving it a try if you’ve never found complete relief in any other way. The heat penetrates deep into the joints and muscles to really tackle the pain by warming the inner tissues and surrounding area.

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Contraindications and Precautions of Using Infrared Heating Pads

There are some people and circumstances in which heating pads are not recommended. Always read the individual products labels in detail. But below are some of the more common conditions that will prohibit a person from using a heating pad.

  • If you have any internal implants
  • If you are insensitive to heat
  • Not to be used on open wounds or skin irritations
  • Not for children under the age of 14
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have diabetes

Hopefully these infrared heating pad reviews has provided you with all the information you need to make your decision. If you need any further information, or if there is anything I can help with please feel free to contact me.

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