Home Remedies for Knots in Neck

Home Remedies for Knots in Neck: 4 Techniques to Remove Them

Having knots and muscular pain in the neck is, well, a real pain in the neck as the saying goes.

Most people have to deal with painful knots from time-to-time, you’re not alone.

We can’t all find the time or have the money to spend on massage or chiropractor services. But there are home remedies for knots in neck that can work wonders as I will explain.

There are four main ways you can work out those painful knots in your neck at home. These are:

  • Heat therapy
  • Ice therapy
  • Massage techniques
  • Stretching/Exercise


What Is a Knot and Why Do I Have One in My Neck?

First, let me explain what a muscular knot is and why you probably have one in your neck.

Simply put muscular knots form from overworked or strained muscles pulling tight, Causing that hard lump you feel when you touch it.

You can form a knot from simply moving in a certain direction, sleeping in a certain position, from repetitive motions, or just about any other movement affecting the muscles in that area.

The important thing is that you address the knot as soon as you see or feel it developing. I cover a few of the ways you can do this below, just make sure you act and don’t leave the knot to worsen.

Knots can cause considerable discomfort and pain if left alone. Especially in the neck, as anyone who has had a knot there will testify.

If you work at a computer all day or a similar job and you don’t have good posture or exercise your neck throughout the day you’re more at risk.

Address the reasons why you’re getting knots as well as a solution.

Home Remedies for Knots in Neck

Heat Therapy – How It Helps

Heat packs and using heat to treat areas with knots in dilates the blood vessels, increases better blood flow to the area and helps release some of that tension in the muscles.

I like using heat therapy myself when working on knots and muscular pains in the neck. It makes it easier to work on the knot by loosening the tension.

A lot of people also find it a lot more comfortable than cold treatments, but this can come down to preference

How to Use Heat Therapy on Knots in Your Neck

There are some really good heat packs and other products that warm up you can hold or apply to the area on your neck.

Or, you can use heat through having a hot bath, muscle rubs, a hot water bottle, or anything similar that retains heat.

There is also the added benefit that heat applied to the neck can ease headaches, general aches and pains, stiffness, and of course help release knots.

Ice Therapy – How It Helps

Ice packs and cold treatments are used to reduce blood flow to injured areas and slow down inflammation.

It’s also effective at reducing the amount of pain you’re feeling, even if it is a little uncomfortable having ice on the area with a knot.

With knots, there is often some other issues such as inflamed joints, pulled muscles, and so on, so it can really help some people with these associated issues.

How to Use Ice Therapy on Knots in Your Neck

You can either use a cold pack/compress, or just a bag of ice and the results should be very similar.

Apply the pack to the area with a knot on your neck for 15-20 minutes a time, and repeat this every few hours.

You might find it better to rub the area too, this can loosen and work out the knot quicker while the cold reduces pain and inflammation.

Massage techniques – How It Helps

This is the obvious one, right. Massaging your neck is the best way to work out knots, aches, and pains.

It’s much more effective using hot or cold treatments as discussed above. So, I’d always use one of these depending on the type of knot you’re working on.

As far as the actual techniques, it’s not difficult to massage knots. It’s a lot easier if you have a friend who can help of course.

Here are a couple of videos that are really helpful:

How to Massage Knots in Your Neck

Massage Techniques for a Stiff Neck


How to Use Stretching and Exercise for Knots in Neck

You need to be very careful when doing exercises to work out knots and muscular pain in your neck as it’s easy to worsen the problem.

I can only recommend you do this under the advice of a professional. It does, however, work wonders for some people and is worth looking into.

Best of all it’s easy to do anywhere and anytime. The video below shows you exactly how to safely stretch and exercise your neck:

Final Thoughts

If you have a knot in your neck you should do something about it sooner rather than later. It’s not just going to work its way out on its own.

In fact, it’s very likely to become a larger, more painful problem the longer you leave it.

I’ve outlined a few methods above that are all easily accessible and easy to use. Give them a try and see how you get it.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to drop me a message below and I’ll get back to you. Thanks.

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