Gym Shower Etiquette

Gym Shower Etiquette Explained (10 Must Follow Tips)

Adhering to good gym shower etiquette is important if you want to be part of creating a hygienic, fun, and pleasant experience for everyone using the shower facilities.

Rules will vary depending on the gym, but generally speaking here are the rules around good gym shower etiquette:


Gym Shower Etiquette

1. Don’t Hog the Showers

If you’re taking an excessively long shower, be aware that you’re preventing others from using the facilities.

Not only that, it’s just bad etiquette to take a long shower so try to limit your shower time to around five to ten minutes.

This is especially important during peak hours when the gym showers are likely to be busiest.

Don’t hog the showers by taking up more than one shower stall, either. I’ve seen people put some of their stuff in a separate shower stall before!

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2. Don’t Use Showering as A Time to Socialize

While it’s lovely to catch up with friends at the gym, try not to use the shower facilities as a place to have long conversations.

Remember that other people are trying to use the showers too and they don’t want to listen to your conversation.

Also, be mindful of the volume of your voice. No one wants to hear you yelling over the sound of the water!

If you want to chat with someone, save it for after your shower.

3. Never Pee in The Shower!

This is an obvious one – I’d hope!

But I think we’ve all heard stories of people doing this before.

It’s gross and it’s just not necessary. There are toilets for a reason, so please use them!

The same goes for other bodily fluids – no one wants to shower in your blood, sweat, or vomit.

If you’re ill, it’s best to skip the gym altogether.

The bottom line is to be considerate of others and to remember that the shower facilities are for everyone’s use, not just yours!

4. Don’t Leave Empty Bottles in The Shower

This is more of a courtesy than anything else.

If you bring bottles into the shower with you like shower gel or shampoo and they run out, please remember to take them out with you when you leave!

No one wants to trip over your empty bottle in the shower, and the gym staff are not there to clear up after you.

It’s just good manners to clean up after yourself.

5. Dry Off Before Going to Your Locker

This one is more for the benefit of others than anything else.

Wet floors are dangerous, and no one wants to slip on a trail of water you leave behind yourself!

So please make sure you’re at least towel dry before you leave the shower area.

6. Don’t Sing or Be Loud While Showering

I get that some people like to sing in the shower, but just be aware that your voice carries in the enclosed space and others might not appreciate hearing you.

The same goes for other noises – please be mindful of the volume of any sounds you make while showering.

Gym showers are usually pretty small spaces and sound carries easily, on top of that it’s just good manners not to cause any kind of disturbance.

7. Leave the Shower Area as Clean as You Found It

This one should go without saying, but please clean up after yourself!

Wipe down any surfaces you’ve used, pick up any trash, and generally just leave the shower area as clean as you found it.

If everyone does their part to keep the shower area clean, it will be a much more pleasant experience for everyone.

It’s good etiquette and common courtesy.

8. Don’t Get Into a Single Shower with Someone Else

This is one that can break many rules and can get a little crazy.

I’ve seen people do this before and it’s just really weird and uncomfortable for everyone else.

If you know someone well enough to get into a shower with them, then that’s fine, but generally speaking, it’s best to just avoid this altogether.

It’s really not necessary and if either of you slips or injures yourself while misusing the shower facilities it’s unclear where the liability lies.

9. Respect Other People’s Privacy

This is a big one.

Remember that not everyone is comfortable being naked in front of others, and it can cause some awkward situations.

Also, respect people’s personal space and don’t stare or make them feel uncomfortable.

If you see someone who looks like they don’t want to be bothered, leave them alone.

We all have different comfort levels when it comes to nudity and being around strangers and we should respect that.

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10. Wear Sandals when Walking to And from Your Locker

This one is for your own safety.

Wet floors are dangerous, and walking around the locker room barefoot is just asking for an injury.

There is also always the risk of picking up an infection like athlete’s foot, so it’s best to just wear sandals or flip-flops.

It’s a small precaution that can save you a lot of pain in the long run!

So there you have it, some basic gym shower etiquette that everyone should follow.

By being considerate of others and following these simple rules, we can all make the gym shower experience a more pleasant one for everyone involved.

Header Photo by Noithat rakhoi on Unsplash

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