Amber Oil Benefits

Amber Oil Benefits

Amber oil is one of the lesser known essential oils. It holds some interesting and special properties though and is worth taking a close look at. Amber oil benefits include being good for your skin and hair, extremely good at helping you relax, strengthening your immune system, and more.

It has an intriguing and strong smell that’s very pleasant on the nose. It’s a nice fragrance to use around the home and is found in a lot of fragranced products. Here are some of the health benefits, both physical and spiritual.

Amber Oil Benefits

According to various aromatherapists and other alternative health experts, there are a number of benefits to using amber oil. Here are some of the more important beneficial reasons to start using amber oil:

Hair and Skin Nourishment

Amber oil is one of the essential oils that go into blends to help relieve the symptoms of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. These conditions can be very annoying to deal with, not to mention uncomfortable and itchy.

Amber is also great for hair. If you want to give your hair a shine and feel like never before then you should try a couple drops of amber oil when you’re in the bath next. It’s a natural and enjoyable way to strengthen damaged hair and give your hair some volume.

As an Aphrodisiac

There are a number of natural aphrodisiacs and if you have tried any you will know that the results are hit and miss. I’ve spoken with people personally who have found amber to be much more stimulating than a lot of the foods and drinks recommended.

Try diffusing the oil gently in your bedroom with a good diffuser to set the mood. Set the scene for a calm and relaxing environment too. Remember you are stimulating your brain, as well as your sexual organs. You will have to give it a try and decide for yourself how effective it is.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

A lot of essential oils are used for different types of pain and inflammation. Amber is particularly good at giving you a deep relaxing feeling in muscles that are sore and over-worked.

Suggest to your massage therapist they use amber and they should gladly oblige. You can’t apply it directly to your skin if you are going to massage yourself or have someone you know to do it. Mix a couple of drops with a teaspoon of carrier oil before topical use on the skin.

Good for Your Immune System

We all need to do little bits to keep our immune system as strong as possible. Otherwise, illnesses will keep getting through and we will feel run down and tired more often than we should.

By inhaling amber oil it stimulates your body to strengthen your immune system. It’s also a pleasant smell too so it’s a win-win if you diffuse some of this oil around the home.

Good as a Perfume

Talking about that lovely and interesting smell, amber is great in perfumes and as a fragrance in homemade smellys. If you make candles, soaps or lotions then put a few drops of amber in with your blend for a lovely scented product.

It’s also a long lasting strong scent. If you want to freshen up some cupboards or drawers around the home this should be the oil of choice.Just put a few drops in a ball of cotton wool and leave that in a drawer.

Mentally and Spiritually Relaxing

I love using oils for the mental and spiritual benefits. This is because I diffuse or breathe in oils while meditating or relaxing. I have a pretty busy schedule like a lot of people. So being able to unwind after a long day is important to me.

Light a couple of candles and breathe in the aroma from amber oil and you are going to be able to unwind, and sleep better. It has almost an intoxicating effect. It’s hard to explain without you trying it, it’s one to try.

Ways to Use Amber Oil for Maximum Benefit

There are a few different way to use amber oil. If you’re not familiar with using essential oils, here are the most common ways to use oils effectively:

Relaxing Baths

Adding a few drops to a bath is an easy way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits as well as skin and hair benefits like amber offers. Make sure your water is nice and hot to get some steam in the room. Stir the water well after adding the oil, and add some of your favorite bubbles.

Using a Diffuser

Diffusers come in many shapes and sizes, but the end results are the same. They diffuse the oil, along with some water. Spraying a fine mist into the air and allowing you to breathe in the oil at a diluted consistency. This is the best way to enjoy amber oil aromatherapy.

Applied Topically

Everyone loves a good massage, right? Using amber oil topically during a massage is a great way to work on your sore muscles. Amber is great for skin and muscles. You will feel incredibly relaxed afterwards, it’s well worth experiencing.

Precautions and Safety Advice

Always read the label fully when you are using essential oils and don’t use them outside of what is recommended. You should never let oils near sensitive areas, such as your eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. Also, when using topically you should always dilute oils with a good carrier oil.

Oils should only be ingested if they are GRAS and certified safe to do so. It’s not something I recommend, especially as you can get all you need through other, safer methods. If you have any concerns or questions, always seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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