Zensufu Acupressure Mat Review

Zensufu Acupressure Mat Review

As anyone following my blog will know, I love acupressure mats. If this Zensufu Acupressure Mat Review doesn’t convince you that you need one in your life too, I’ll be surprised.

Do acupressure mats work? Absolutely they do. There is enough evidence to back this up. Not to mention overwhelming feedback from satisfied users.

So if you have back pain, muscle tension, or want another tool to help you relax. Check out all the health benefits to using this acupressure mat.


Zensufu Acupressure Mat Review

Specifications and Design Features

Acupressure mats work much in the same way as acupuncture does. If you have had acupuncture treatments you know what to expect. If you haven’t, the many pins are going to stimulate pressure points on your body.

This mat from Zensufu has literally thousands of acupressure pins. So instead of using a few select points with acupuncture needles, you are targeting a much more vast area.

These mats have been tested many times on a number of subjects under different conditions. The results are always overwhelmingly positive. There is no doubt these mats work. I know this first hand, as I use one. So get the doubts out of your mind.

Directions for Use

This Zensufu acupressure mat is incredibly easy to use. You just lay it on the floor or place in in a chair. You don’t need a flat surface, just somewhere that you are comfortable.

Keep in mind that everyone experiences different results. It often takes weeks to accustom your body to the effects of an acupressure mat. So stick with it and don’t skip sessions.

If it’s too uncomfortable at first place a thin sheet or towel over the spikes. Don’t cover them completely, you need to the pins to put pressure on your skin. This stimulates the pressure points.

Zensufu Acupressure Mat and Pillow Review

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Stress Busting

The reason acupressure mats are becoming more popular is because they help reduce the effects of stress to effectively. If you live a hectic lifestyle and are feeling burned out.

Whether that’s in the form of mentally tired, or feeling physically tired – give this mat a try you’ll be surprised how much better you feel for it.


The mat is 26″ x 16″ and weighs just 1.6 lbs. There are 212 main ‘flowers’, each with 30 spikes on.


  • Not expensive, and certainly less expensive than visiting a therapist
  • Has a number of mental and physical benefits
  • Can easily take with you and use anytime
  • Simply to easy to use and effective to ignore

Zensufu Acupressure Mat Summary

These acupressure mats have thousands of needles on them. You can use on your feet, hands, arms, legs, back and neck, anywhere you can comfortably place yourself.

Acupressure mats are mainly designed to help with back and neck pain. Two of the areas most people suffer with some kind of pain or issue. They improve the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles and helps your body operate more efficiently.

This mat from Zensufu, much like most the mats is very easy to use. Just find somewhere you can place it where you can get a good 10 minutes peace to lay still.

Let the needles stimulate your skin and the effects will start to happen. You won’t notice a marked improvement overnight. Give if a few weeks, but trust me, you will feel totally renewed. All from laying on a mat for a few minutes a day.

Sounds too good to be true. It’s not. It’s just simply true. It’s not exactly a secret either, people have known that laying on beds of nails has positive health implications for hundreds of years. Simple, yet effective. Give it a try.

Zensufu Acupressure Mat Pins and Needles

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What’s the Primary Reason for Using an Acupressure Mat?

If I had to narrow it down to one most important reason it would be to cure back and neck pain. But the stimulation and feel-good feelings you get from the mat are not to be ignored.

If you’re after just a stress reducing tool, this is well worth considering. I use a mat daily just because I want to feel good and keep my body operating healthily.

Can Acupressure Mats Relieve Migraines and Headaches?

Yes they can. Use the pillow and the mat together and just relax in a dim lit, quiet room if you have a migraine. This helps almost everyone I have ever spoken to about this exact situation.

What Materials Is the Zensufu Acupressure Mat Made Of?

It’s made of polyester and foam with hard plastic ‘flowers’ and spikes. You should have have any issues with allergies or any other reactions to the materials. They are easy to clean by wiping down with wet wipes too.

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