Tibetan Reiki

Tibetan Reiki Explained

Tibetan Reiki is another form of Reiki treatment. Reiki is a fascinating mode of natural healing that I have been interested in for many years. There aren’t a lot of difference between most of the different types, but still things to pique the interest.

I covered Shamballa Reiki in detail. This is a form of healing that has a strong Western influence. What I like about Tibetan Reiki is that it has its roots firmly based on its original principles.

Tibetan Reiki is also referred to as Usui Reiki and Usui Tibetan Reiki. These two are very similar and I will be referring to them as one and the same thing. These practices come from the teachings of Arthur Robertson’s Raki Kai Reiki.

There are four levels to his teachings and it incorporates more of the symbols, crystals, guides, and attunements. These techniques were popularized in later years by William Rand and Dane Stein.

The History of Tibetan Reiki

Mikao Usui is the creator of the Reiki healing system and his teachings have been developed and learned all over the world to date. The Reiki methods developed in Tibet and used to form this overall treatment have the same origins.

Tibet has a long and deep history of spirituality and wisdom. This has been popularized from the 19th century onwards as the rest of the world study and have an interest in the Tibetan beliefs and systems.

Although their systems of Reiki were practiced for thousands of years it was Diane Steine’s book called, ‘Essential Reiki’ that brought it to the rest of the world. This is only a good thing as energy healing systems deserved to be shared so everyone can benefit from them.

How Does Tibetan Reiki Work?

It’s believed that we all have a life force flowing through us. This life force is connected and passes through pathways known as, ‘chakras’, ‘meridians’, and ‘nadis’. This energy can also be seen flowing around us as our aura.

This life force is believed to be vital to our well-being. Not just physically but in our emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. If our energy is flowing optimally we will be at our optimal health, it’s when this energy flow is disrupted that we become ill.

This is where Reiki and it’s energy healing comes in. Practitioners believe they can restore the flow of energy and help heal people. This is done through the use of their hands, and channeling the energy through the body.

Can Reiki Ever Do Harm?

No. This is one of the best parts about it. Even if you are skeptical and don’t think you will experience any benefits. There is absolutely no harm that can from it. Which is why I always recommend people put themselves forward and go for a treatment before saying it doesn’t work.

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