Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy is a form of massage therapy that focuses on disrupting the nervous system to change a persons posture and heal injuries. It’s suited to people experiencing acute pain or any ongoing conditions that will benefit from deep tissue massage work.


What is Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy?

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy, or (SDTT), is a series of massage techniques that a therapist carries out on a patient. The system effects the musclo-skeletal structure and targets trouble areas. Increasing blood circulation and helping the body to stimulate its own natural healing process.

One of the factors that separate this form of therapy against others is the speed of the strokes. SDTT techniques are quicker, rather than firmer. The speed of the strokes is an important part of the therapy. Designed to break the pattern of posture and movement that a patients body has become accustomed to.

We all have bad habits in the way we sit, stand and move. We carry out the same motions daily and reinforce these bad habits. SDTT gives the body a shock and wakes up the nervous system. Making it easier to make positive changes that are positive to your health.

Treatments can be a little uncomfortable at first. Only in a similar way to all types of massage, and the dull muscle pain will not only go away but will lessen the more treatments you have. With the end result being less daily pain from bad posture and ongoing injuries.

Looking at each word of the title, a more detailed explanation is as follows:


The therapist will look at a patients musculoskeletal pattern and evaluate what the best form of therapy is for the individual. The therapist looks for ‘systemic’ approach to a series of techniques best suited to the patient. It’s a very individually formulated treatment and will vary from patient to patient.


The ‘deep’ part of the process doesn’t mean firm or hard pressure. It means using the techniques to work into the muscle tissue through a series of faster strokes.


It’s a therapeutic process. The techniques stimulate the body’s natural healing system by increasing blood circulation. As well as stimulating lymph activity, and strengthening the immune system. It increases the free-flowing of energy and shocks the body’s nervous system.

How Is SDTT Different to Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy that works deep into the muscles through the use of firm pressure. It’s used to deal with muscle injuries, chronic pain and deep-set pain in the muscles. While SDTT uses faster strokes without pressure to shock the nervous system, two very different practices.

Deep tissue techniques are more commonly needed, and applied to the upper back, shoulders and neck. This is because these areas have large muscle groups that hold tension and form knots from bad posture or injuries.

While Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy starts by looking at the issues in the lower back, the musculoskeletal pattern of the body, and the nervous system of a patient. With a view to correct posture and shock the body into healing and changing bad posture and habits that have formed over time.

Benefits of Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy

There are various health benefits to a SDTT treatment. Much of which is often experienced immediately after a treatment. Patient’s can expect to experience the following:


You will feel relaxed and your muscles will be loose and light. There will be a warm feeling running through the areas that were targeted. This is the increased circulation of blood flowing through the tissue and muscles.

There will be a mild ‘dull’ feeling on areas where injuries or issues in the tissues were addressed. It’s not too painful, and is a good sign as it means the area is healing.

Reduced Back Pain

The treatment is very effective at treating back pain. If you currently experience back pain from standing, sitting or sleeping you will benefit from treatment. This has the added benefit of improving breathing, lessening aching all over the body, and correcting posture.

Reduced Joint Pain

If you have pain in your ankles, knees, or any other joints you can find a reduction or complete removal of pain through SDTT. Also correcting alignment and resolving issues with joints coming out of place under heavy stress.

If you are interested in learning more about Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy, as well as attending workshops and having treatments you can find out more at – It’s an interesting form of massage therapy, and I always approach any different therapies and techniques with an open mind and a willingness to try.

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