Swiss Shower Definition

Swiss Shower Definition: Swiss Showers Explained

The Swiss shower offers an enjoyable and unique showering experience. Not to be confused with a Vichy shower, the Swiss shower definition is best described as:

A shower with several nozzles on the sides and overhead, all spraying water onto the person standing in the shower area.

Swiss showers are great just for use as a normal shower. You may have seen them in spa’s, swimming pools, and other leisure facilities.

There are also some health benefits to Swiss showers however as they provide a hydro massage when used for this purpose.

Some of the benefits include:

Stress Reduction

Who doesn’t want to reduce the amount of stress they are feeling? If it’s getting you down then you might notice a difference after a session in a Swiss shower.

The combination of warm water and the pressure hitting you can stimulate the production of feel-good hormones.

Pain Relief

There are various forms of hydrotherapy designed to help relieve all kinds of aches, pains, discomfort, and chronic conditions.

While not as complete as immersing yourself in water a hot Swiss shower can do wonders for stimulating blood circulation and boosting your body’s natural healing ability.

Improving Sleep

Not sleeping well is something I struggled with for years and found a solution through various massage techniques and other spa treatments such as hydrotherapy.

Taking a Swiss shower before bed can help relax your body physically as well as mentally conditioning yourself to sleep by relaxing you and dropping your body temperature when you leave the shower.

If those reasons aren’t enough to experience a Swiss shower next time you see one at your spa there’s not convincing you, right?

At worst it’s a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing experience. The extra jets and being sprayed from above and the sides make that little difference that counts.

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