Oakworks One Portable Massage Table

Oakworks One Portable Massage Table Review

The Oakworks One Portable Massage Table comes with a load of features and accessories. It’s actually marketed at the therapists working on a budget and comes in at a lower price than the BestMassage Two Fold Portable Table for example. But has all the same features and quality of build you’d expect from Oakworks, so if this meets your budget you can’t go wrong picking up one of these.


Design Features and Specifications

This table is perfect for a therapist looking to add a portable table to their collection, for a new stationary table, or a table that they want to fold away when not in use. It’s built in the USA and with Oakworks’ name on it, there is no need to question the quality.

The One uses their TerraTouch fabric. If you’re not familiar with this fabric you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It’s the perfect fabric for massage treatments, it’s durable, easy to clean, has memory and anti-tear properties and is perfect on this table. This wraps around 3″ of multi-layer padding for a firm and comfortable experience.

The table has face rest outlets on both ends of the table. Along with their patented UniLock technology to keep the table locked in place and give you peace of mind it’s not going to bend or collapse. You also get a carry case and an arm hammock included in the purchase.

Oakworks One Portable Massage Table Set up Assembling Instructions

Portable tables need to be designed to be easy and quick to assemble, and pack back up. Oakworks tables are always well designed to meet these requirement and the One only takes a minute to pack and unpack. Here are some instructions if you’re new to portable massage tables, and this model in particular.

Setting up the TableOakworks One Portable Massage Table Adjustable Face Rest

1. Place the table on it’s bumpers while folder up and press the UniLock. This is situated between the face rests and allows the table to swing open.

2. Swing the legs out one and a time and extend them fully as well as removing the face rest.

3. With the table standing up check all four feet are stable and press the middle of the table to lock the cables in.

Closing the Table

1. Place the table on its side and with the rubber bumpers facing the floor. Place the face rest inside where you will be folding it closed.

2. Fold the legs first one at a time. Take care with the cables and arm rest, tuck these inside as you fold the table in half and lock together.

Adjusting the Height

1. You will see holes on the side of the legs. Find a hole that is the desired height and remove the knob holding the table in place.

2. Place the knob in the hole at the height you want one leg at a time and ensure they are all the same height.

Using the Shiatsu Option

1. With the table on its side undo the wing nut and remove the washers, cable and brace.

2. Place the pieces back without the cable and repeat on the other side. Fold the legs in and lay the table on the floor.

Using the Arm Hammock

1. Holding the arm hammock with the Velcro facing up slip the loop over the face rest and arms.

2. Insert it into the holes located at the end of the table.

3. Attach the arm hammock to the Velcro strip and reattach the crescent pad.

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Who Is the Oakworks One Table Suitable for?

First and foremost if you’re on a tight budget and looking for value for money as a priority, this is the table for you. It’s less expensive than some BestMassage and other Oakworks models that offer a lot of the same features. It’s hard to pin-point where and how Oakworks have cut the cost on this table because it still includes all the features sound on their higher-end models.

The construction isn’t really strong aluminium, but it still has a weight limit of 500 lbs. So there are no concerns about the strength. It’s also smartly designed to be quick and easy to set up and take down, making it a popular portable table choice.

This model is perfect for mobile therapists, those practicing at home or currently as a student, and also as a table in a spa. Being more affordable than some other models I could see a new spa buying a few of these to keep the same theme throughout. With a choice of colors on the fabric you can match the decor too.

Design Features

The Oakworks One Portable Massage Table comes packed with features. Some of the stand-out features include:

Cablelocking System – Designed to give the table a firmer and more rigid stance. There is no movement at all when massaging on this table.

IntegroHinge – A patented technology that gives the table a squeak-free and rigid feel.

Oakworks One Portable Massage Table Arm HammockUniLock System – Ergonomic design for ease of assembly and taking back down. Making the table quick and easy to pack away overnight or travel with.

TerraTouch Fabric – Possibly the best massage table fabric on the market. It’s strong, easy to clean and feels great.

Aero-cel Facerest Crescent – A plush 4″ thick Aero-cel crescent to offer support and comfort for the client’s face. Fits all face sizes and can be turned to form a cervical pillow.

Arm Hammock – Arm hammock included to give extra support and comfort to a client’s arms. It’s a unique design that adds extra support or wider clients.

Carry Case Included – Having a custom carry case designed to fit a table is a much better option than an after-market case.


  • Comes with a carry case with reinforced handles
  • Arm hammock included in purchase
  • Cable lock system for added structure support
  • 4″ thick pad for client comfort and stability
  • TerraTouch fabric, possibly the best massage table fabric on the market
  • Adjustable face rest


Width – 30″

Length – 73″

Height Range – 24″ – 34″


Weighs around 28-32 lbs

Weight Limit

The One has a weight limit of 500lbs


I’ve been on either side of Oakworks tables, both as the therapist and the client. I can verify first-hand that their tables are top of the range. It’s no surprise that they are used in spa’s, chiropractor clinic’s and other professional establishments. The Oakworks One Portable Massage Table is your chance to have your own at a very affordable price.

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