Mountain Rose Essential Oils Reviews

Mountain Rose Essential Oils Reviews

I writing this Mountain Rose essential oils reviews because I am often asked what alternatives there are for Young Living and doTerra. Those two aforementioned companies are two of the market leaders when it comes to essential oils and related products, and certainly two of the names that always come into conversation.

There are some other companies however that have some excellent products, and often at a lower price than those big two. Mountain Rose Herbs are a US-based company with a massive range of products. They don’t just sell essential oils. They also manufacture and sell a range of herbal products, teas, aromatherapy items, home goods, bath and body items, and more.


Mountain Rose Essential Oils Reviews

What I like about Mountain Rose is their commitment to producing organic products. It’s something the company is proud to talk about. They go into detail about their process on their site, I thought I’d summarize some of it here for you.

Healthy Soil – Extracting quality oils means using quality plants. This comes from the soil and means no chemicals are used and everything is grown organically. Organic farming is a lot more more expensive and time-consuming, but the end result is worth it.

Healthy Watershed – We are all part of the watershed and contribute to how well maintained they are around the world. Mountain Rose created the Mountain Rose River Project in 2009, using a team of people to restore the landscape and improve wildlife habitat and more. Another testament to their commitment to the environment.

Healthy People – Producing organic products free from chemicals and pesticides mean healthier people. Not just at the end of the chain but throughout the whole process. This makes a difference, trust me. A lot of chemicals are absorbed by plants and can never be completely rid. So not using them in the first place is the only safe way to ensure a chemical-free product.

Mountain Rose products are reasonably priced too. So with the option to go organic here it’s an easy choice for me. I’ve used a number of their oils and you can tell the difference with organic oils, I absolutely love them.

How Are Essential Oils Extracted?

Essential oils are stored in a plant’s external secretory structure, in the internal secretory structure, or on the surface of the plant. You may have noticed some plants give off a strong aroma when touching them for example. If it’s internal, there is a process used to press the oils out and filter them.

Mountain Rose Essential Oils vs Doterra

doTerra is a relatively newer company on the essential oil scene. The company was started from some previous employees working at Young Living if my sources are correct. So they came into the fold with all the right experience and expertise.

They have grown incredibly fast to become one of the bigger companies. Their oils are on the expensive side too, so it’s impressive. This is largely due to their aggressive MLM marketing strategy, a smart business move.

The only real negative to doTerra products is that they do not have their own farms and plants and there is some skepticism that they use organic and processes. Customer feedback always put them as a profit first company. But their products are very good quality, and this carries any company through.

Mountain Rose on the other hand make a big deal about their organic processes and spend a lot of time marketing this aspect. Their oils are generally less expensive than doTerra, and side by side I can’t separate them on quality.

They don’t have the infrastructure behind them like doTerra do, and certainly not the large army of affiliate and MLM help. But for me, I love their products and with the lower price tag I see them as better value for money and I choose them over doTerra.

How to Use Mountain Rose Herbs Oils

Mountain Rose oils are manufactured to be diluted for most applications. Always handle them with care, especially in their undiluted form as they are powerful oils. Get a good carrier oil and add a few drops of essential oil to make a blend that you can use. Always test the blend for sensitivity before going all in and using a lot of it.

If you have any skin irritations the best way to feel the benefits from an oil is through a diffuser. There are lots of different diffusers on the market. The Radha Beauty Diffuser is one of the best sellers on Amazon if you want to check that out.

I can only give you general advice. I’ve used oils for years, but I’m not a medical practitioner. Always read the label carefully on the products and never use them outside of the recommended applications. If you think you have an allergy or any form of reaction to an oil, always seek medical advice asap.

Don’t let an of that scare you. When used properly, oils are very safe and offer a wide range of therapeutic and health benefits that will make you a fan of oils for life. If you’re looking for more advice on essential oils, I’ve put together guides on where to start, which oils to treat health conditions, and how to use them safely.

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