How to Massage Your Calf Using a Foam Roller

How to Massage Your Calf Using a Foam Roller (In 3 Simple Steps)

This video demonstrates how to massage your calf using a foam roller, along with the steps laid out below.

You can use either a large or small foam roller to massage your calves, find a roller that is comfortable for you and suits your body type.

Bear in mind that you will not feel a lot of tension due to the angles using a larger roller and because there is not a lot of weight on your calves.

You’ll feel the benefits afterward though, and massaging your calves after a workout helps reduce the dull feeling in your muscles and speeds up recovery.


How to Massage Your Calf Using a Foam Roller

Step 1: Sit Legs Stretched Out

Sit comfortably on a mat. Put your arms to your side and lift your butt up with the foam roller under your calves.

Step 2: Elevate Yourself and Roll Your Calves

While keeping yourself elevated so only your hands are touching the mat, roll your calves back and forward over the top of the foam roller.

Step 3: Turn Your Toes Side-To-Side

As you’re rolling back and forth turn your toes out for a few repetitions, and then to the other side. Repeat this to reach a larger area over your calves.

If You Find It Difficult Massaging Your Calves with a Foam Roller

There are a couple of other tools you can use that you might find easier.

Try using a small, hard ball, like a softball. This will give you a much deeper massage and you can do one leg at a time.

Some people find it easier working on one leg at a time as it doesn’t require as much strength to keep yourself elevated.

Another option is to use a smaller hand roller.  You don’t need to elevate yourself and you can work on one leg at a time.

Both of these methods are also covered at the end of the video.

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