Lava Shell Massage Benefits

Lava Shell Massage Benefits

A lava shell massage is a type of massage therapy that utilizes tiger-striped clams to give a unique feeling and enhance the experience of the massage therapy.

Tiger-striped clams are native to the Philippines, and their uses in massage therapy is becoming more popular all the time. They are smooth to the touch, and are filled with heat packs and activator fluids to create the heat.

If you have never had this treatment, there are some lava shell massage benefits that can’t be ignored and I think will pique your interest. Let’s take a closer look at some of the health and mental benefits you could experience from having a lava shell massage.


Lava Shell Massage Benefits for the Client

What Is Massage Therapy

Increase Lymph Activity and Reduction of Body Toxins

The warm healing properties of a lava shell massage stimulate lymph activity in the body. This in turn helps your natural ability to flush toxins from the body.

You will notice an improvement in your feeling of well-being, with the added benefit of being able to fight off illnesses and having a stronger immune system.

Increased Blood Flow

The warmth from the shells and the deep tissue techniques from the therapist increases blood flow in the body. Blood flow is important of the healing process when you have injuries and muscle pains.

Increased blood and oxygen to infected or injured areas of the body will promote faster healing. Perfect after a session at the gym.

Relief in Painful Arthritic Joints

Lava shell massage is recommended for clients suffering with arthritic pain in their joints. Heat is known to help with this type of pain.

Used alongside the massage techniques a therapist will tailor to your needs will help you feel much better. Always discuss your pain points and needs with the therapist before and after receiving treatment to get the most out of it.

Gives You Healthier and Younger Looking Skin

The massage process helps to stimulate the body’s production of new and strong skin cells. This leaves you with healthier, younger looking skin. A wonderful bonus of this type of hot massage.

Make sure you have your face and neck included in the therapy you’ve booked. You will be surprised how ‘youthful’ you look and feel after this treatment.

Incredibly Relaxing

Possibly one of the main benefits that keeps people coming back from more with a lava shell massage is how relaxing it makes you feel. You will enter a deep state of relaxation, take it from me.

It’s a combination of the heat working deep into your muscles, along with the skilled techniques of a qualified therapist. Resulting in an experience you will enjoy immensely.

Why You'll Be Glad You Decided to Have a Massage

Soothing Sore and Stiff Muscles

If you work in a labor intensive job or exercise hard, you will know that dull pain and soreness in your muscles that takes days to recover from. With a hot lava shell massage your recovery will be much quicker.

A warm massage allows the therapist to work deep into muscles. Giving the muscles more blood and oxygen flow to stimulate your body’s own healing process.

Hygienic and Natural

Lava shells are very hygienic when compared to some other methods and tools used in massage. I’m not suggesting any massage is un-hygienic. However, lava shells do not able to absorb any oil or bacteria.

They are naturally sources items too. In fact, the clam shells used to be discarded before their potential in massage was realised. Now they are recycled, a much more environmentally friendly result.

Lava Shell Massage Benefits for the Therapist

Lava Shells Are Easy to Work With

Lava shells are easy to use. Obviously it’s not easy to become qualified and skilled in massage therapy. There is a great deal of work involved in developing the techniques you will need to use.

But as for using the shells, they are naturally shaped very well to fit in the hand. Making them easy to hold and perform techniques. It’s not as intensive and stressful on a therapists’ hands and wrists.

They Are Inexpensive

Lava shells are not expensive. If you are just starting out with your business or thinking about adding this service it will not take a large chunk out of your budget.

On the revenue side, it will not take long to earn back the investment offering these massages. It’s a smart business investment, and a great skill to add to your repertoire.

It Adds Another Service to Your Business

If you don’t already offer lava shell massages as a service it’s time to start doing so. While it’s not among the most popular treatments right now, it does have a high rate of return customers as more people discover it for the first time.

So book in some training and get qualified, it’s becoming more popular all the time and isn’t going anywhere.

What Does a Lava Shell Massage Feel Like?

Imagine long, warm strokes with a smooth shell running over the contours of your body. You will feel immediately relaxed, and as the warmth builds up and works deeper into your muscles and tissues you will drift off into a place of deep relaxation.

The shells can be used to target pressure points on the body. Relieving built up tension and tightness in your neck, back, arms, legs, and other areas. As the heat penetrates the muscles the therapist is able to work deep tissue techniques to work out those long-term deep problems and injuries.

You will feel better in ways you didn’t realise was possible. We all have tension built up in our muscles we aren’t aware of. But once it’s been worked out you will be aware of how much better you feel.

Lava shell massage benefits the physical, mental and spiritual sides to our being. If you have stress, worries, or concerns, you will feel all these thoughts drift away while you’re being worked on.

There are also pleasant aromas from the oil and minerals used with the shells. This will get your senses working and create a soothing and calming atmosphere and feeling as you breathe in and out. The whole experience will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced, happy, and very content.

Book a session today, you will not be disappointed. I’d love to hear any comments and feedback from people who have had a warm lava shell massage. Please leave any comments below.

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