What Is a Lava Shell Massage

What Is a Lava Shell Massage

Lava shell massage is a type of massage therapy. In this therapy the therapist uses Tiger-striped clam shells as their massage tools, giving this treatment a unique and relaxing edge when compared to other types of massage.

The origin of Tiger-striped clam shells are traced back to the Philippines where they were harvested for food, and have been for hundreds of years. They used to just discard the shells. But when their relaxing properties and use in massage were discovered they started to recycle them for Lava shell massages.

It’s a warm massage, and the heat is generated within the shells by inserting ‘activator liquid’ and a ‘lava gel sachet’. Sometimes other properties like minerals are added, but the real healing and soothing comes from the heat and the shape of the shells.


What Are the Health Benefits of Lava Shell Massage?

Lava shell massage has a lot of the same health benefits as a hot stone massage. If you have tense muscles, knots or injuries, you are going to get a lot out of the process.

Another interesting fact is that the lava shells produce calcium ions when heated. This transfers to the client’s skin during the stoking and rubbing techniques. Calcium has regenerating properties for skin. So this type of massage therapy can help firm up and repair the client’s skin.

The heat being transferred from the shells helps to work deep into the muscle and tissue. Making working out knots and muscle pains easier than with a cold treatment. When combined with Swedish massage techniques a person gets a complete therapy with relaxing, healing, and regenerative properties.

Benefits of a Lava Shell Massage

  • Increases circulation of blood and oxygen in the body
  • Boost and stimulates lymph activity
  • Soothes aches and pains
  • Relaxes and rejuvenates the body
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Improves and strengthens the immune system

What Can I Expect from a Lava Shell Massage?

Lava Shell Massage Techniques

To prepare the shells the therapist inserts minerals, dried sea kelp and a sachet of algae into the shell. The shell is heated via a disposal sachet and then the activator liquid is added when the client is ready to start the massage.

The therapist uses massage oil to make the strokes and techniques more fluid and comfortable. They will then use the shells on the target areas of your body to work on the muscle groups being targeted. The various sides and angles of the shells, along with their texture allow for a wide range of techniques.

There are a few techniques that involve pressing the shells into the muscles, rubbing the smooth parts across the body in strokes, and leaving them places in key points of the body. You can specify what you want during the therapy. Or the therapist will work out the best treatment based on your pre-session discussion.

Tiger-shells have a dull pointed edge on one side that can be used to press deeper into stubborn knots and muscle points. Proving very effective at solving these issues. While the smooth edge is great for rubbing long muscles like in the legs and arms.

The shells shapes make them naturally versatile as massage tools. The various edges and points can be used to work different points of the body and target different injuries or issues. If you have never had this type of massage you are in for a treat, and possibly some pleasant surprises.

Different Treatments Using Lava Shells

There are various treatments involving lava shells. Some of these include;

Lava Shell Therma Facial Treatments

This treatment uses smaller shells and is used to massage the face and neck. It’s incredibly refreshing and relaxing for people holding tension in these areas. It boosts circulation, tones the muscles, firms up the skin, and is used as part of anti-aging treatments.

Lava Shell Sports Massage

Lava shells are also used in sports massage therapy. Athletes are prone to injury, stiffness, muscle soreness, and without regular treatments can aggravate or prolong injuries. This therapy is used to help the athlete recover quicker by accelerating the body’s natural healing process.

Lava Shell Tummy Massage

Lava shells are used for a specific type of tummy massage treatment. The therapist uses oil and the shells to work various areas around the tummy and front of the torso. It’s a relaxing treatment and leaves the client feeling energized.

Should I Have a Lava Shell Massage?

What is Lava shell massage

Lava shell massage treatments are ideal for people without much experience with massages. It’s not a heavy or intensive process, and the warm element allows the therapist to work deeper into the muscles without using lots of pressure.

If you have stiffness and ache from sitting down for long periods in your day job this therapy is going to be very effective. It’s great at working out aches and pains in the back. Although it does not help with correcting posture, that’s something you need to address separately.

It’s also great for athletes and those who have physical jobs. The warm shells and the massage techniques used help the body’s natural healing process. Helping athletes heal up muscle soreness quicker, and work on injuries new or old.

I also recommend it for people who are used to having regular massages for relaxing and pampering purposes. Mix in a lava shell session to your routine to have a more diverse massage routine. You’ll hit different areas of the body with different treatments, giving a more complete and balanced therapy.

There are also the psychological and mental benefits that comes with having a massage. It’s such a relaxing therapy that you will feel the day-to-day stress you have been holding on to floating away. Find a local spa and make a booking today, you will not regret it.

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