How to Tell Your Best Friend You’re Pregnant

Here’s How to Tell Your Best Friend You’re Pregnant! (w/ Examples)

Sharing the news of your pregnancy with your best friend is a moment filled with excitement and joy.

Our blog post, “How to Tell Your Best Friend You’re Pregnant,” explores creative and heartfelt ways to share this significant life update, ensuring the moment is as special and memorable as your friendship.

50 Examples of How to Tell Your Best Friend You’re Pregnant

  1. “Guess who’s going to be an amazing auntie? You! I’m pregnant!”
  2. “Our duo is about to become a trio; I’m expecting!”
  3. “Remember our childhood pact to be in each other’s lives forever? Well, it’s time to add a new member to our pact. I’m pregnant!”
  4. “I hope you’re ready for diaper duty on our girls’ nights; I’m pregnant!”
  5. “Our adventures are about to get a plus one. I’m so happy to tell you I’m pregnant!”
  6. “I’ve been brewing a little secret, and it’s not coffee. I’m pregnant!”
  7. “You’ve always been by my side, and now I need you more than ever. I’m expecting!”
  8. “Get ready to be the coolest honorary aunt; I’m pregnant!”
  9. “Our next wine night might be a bit different for me. I’m pregnant!”
  10. “I can’t wait to see you as the godmother. Yes, you guessed it. I’m pregnant!”
  11. “Looks like we’ll be adding a tiny new member to our squad. I’m pregnant!”
  12. “You’re going to need to brush up on your lullabies. I’m expecting!”
  13. “I’ve got a new partner in crime on the way. I’m pregnant!”
  14. “Our friendship is about to get a new addition. I’m so excited to tell you I’m pregnant!”
  15. “Get ready for baby shopping sprees; I’m pregnant!”
  16. “I need your help to pick out some tiny outfits. Why? Because I’m pregnant!”
  17. “Our late-night chats are about to include a new little listener. I’m pregnant!”
  18. “You’ve been with me through thick and thin, and now there’s a little one on the way. I’m pregnant!”
  19. “I hope you’re ready for joint napping sessions because I’m pregnant!”
  20. “We’re about to have a new topic for our endless talks. I’m pregnant!”
  21. “Our future trips will need to include one more seat. I’m thrilled to tell you I’m pregnant!”
  22. “You’re not just my best friend; you’re about to become a part of our growing family. I’m pregnant!”
  23. “I can’t wait for our kids to become best friends like us. Yes, you heard right. I’m pregnant!”
  24. “There’s a new best friend joining our circle soon. I’m pregnant!”
  25. “You’ve been my partner in crime, and now I need you for a new adventure. I’m pregnant!”
  26. “Pack your bags! Our next trip is to the maternity ward because I’m pregnant!”
  27. “I hope you’re ready for baby bump selfies because I’m expecting!”
  28. “Our friendship circle is expanding by one tiny heart. I’m pregnant!”
  29. “Brace yourself for baby giggles and late-night stories; I’m thrilled to say I’m pregnant!”
  30. “I’ve got a new secret project underway, and it’s due in nine months. I’m pregnant!”
  31. “Get ready to spoil someone rotten alongside me. I’m expecting!”
  32. “Our heart-to-hearts are about to include one more. I’m overjoyed to tell you I’m pregnant!”
  33. “I’m promoting you to honorary auntie status because I’m pregnant!”
  34. “Guess who’s going to be the best baby whisperer? You! Because I’m pregnant!”
  35. “Our duo’s dance routines are about to get a tiny new member. I’m pregnant!”
  36. “I’m crafting a new role for you: godmother. Why? Because I’m expecting!”
  37. “Prepare your best advice; I’m on my way to motherhood. I’m pregnant!”
  38. “We need to start planning the ultimate baby shower because I’m pregnant!”
  39. “Our movie nights might start a bit earlier, but with an adorable reason. I’m pregnant!”
  40. “I’m counting on you to help me navigate this new chapter. I’m expecting!”
  41. “I can’t wait for our little ones to share the bond we have. Yes, I’m pregnant!”
  42. “I hope you’re ready for joint parenting adventures because I’m pregnant!”
  43. “Our next celebration will be a baby shower because I’m expecting!”
  44. “I’m adding a new title to your resume: Best Aunt Ever. I’m pregnant!”
  45. “Our friendship is about to witness its most significant moment yet. I’m pregnant!”
  46. “I need your expertise on all things baby because I’m expecting!”
  47. “You’ve been my rock, and now I need you more than ever. I’m pregnant!”
  48. “We’re about to embark on the most incredible journey yet. I’m pregnant!”
  49. “Get ready for baby snuggles and unconditional love; I’m expecting!”
  50. “Our friendship is getting an adorable new member. I’m over the moon to tell you I’m pregnant!”

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Sharing the news of your pregnancy with your best friend is a profound moment that strengthens the bond you share.

It’s a time filled with anticipation, joy, and the promise of new beginnings.

Choosing a heartfelt and personal way to share this news can turn the moment into a cherished memory, further deepening the connection between you and your best friend.

Remember, it’s the love and support that you share that truly matters during this exciting journey.

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