How Long Does a Swedish Massage Take

How Long Does a Swedish Massage Take?

A Swedish massage will typically take 60 minutes. In my opinion, this is the ideal amount of time and gives the therapist all the time they need to give you a full body massage.

It’s not uncommon for sessions to last anywhere between 30-90 minutes though, depending on what work the therapist wants to carry out.

If you’re having your first session I’d recommend a 30-minute massage so you can experience what a massage is like and discuss how it felt with the therapist after.

You can then have longer sessions when you see and feel the benefits of massage therapy. (Most people are hooked after that first session when they feel mentally and physically rejuvenated!)

A 90-minute session is the sweet spot for most people who have regular massages. It allows the therapist to take their time and pay special attention to areas of the body that may need it.


How to Prepare for a Massage

Whether you are going for your first massage or you want to be better prepared to get the most out of the session, here are my tips to help you prepare for a massage:

Choosing a Massage Therapist

Do a little research instead of picking the nearest or cheapest massage therapist. See if you can find some customer reviews, check they have a license to practice and have been in business for a while.

Prepare to Answer Questions About Your Health

It’s normal for a massage therapist to ask you some questions about your health. It’s in your best interest you tell them about any injuries, medications, etc and answer their questions as well as you can.

This helps the therapist tailor the massage to best suit you. You can ask them some questions too at this point if you have any.

Drink Plenty of Water and Be Well Hydrated

If you don’t drink much water now is a good time to start. It’s good for your general health, and it makes a massage a lot more effective if you’re well hydrated.

Drink plenty in the days leading up to the massage, and a big glass the morning of the massage. Don’t overdo it so you’ll need a pee during the session, that’s the last thing you need on your mind when you’re relaxing.

Take a Warm Shower

Some spas will have the facilities for a warm shower. Otherwise, take a shower at home before leaving.

A warm shower helps to l relax you and loosens up the muscles. It also goes without saying that you need to be clean before having a massage.

Massage Aftercare

Your therapist will tell you everything you need to know about your individual aftercare so do listen carefully to what they say.

A couple of tips I always tell my clients is to drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep (which shouldn’t be a problem after a massage).

Give your body every chance to fully recover, especially if you’re not having regular massages.

Massage therapy stimulates your body’s natural healing system. You will be flushing more toxins, your soft tissues will be repairing, and you’ll have increased blood flow.

All of which takes a toll on your energy levels. Don’t be surprised if you feel tired, your muscles have that dull feeling like you’ve been working out, and you may even have a headache.

Just drink plenty of water, rest up, and you’ll feel fine in no time. In fact, you’ll feel better than you normally do if you start having regular massages.

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