How Long Do Yankee Candles Last Unopened

How Long Do Yankee Candles Last Unopened? (Shelf Life and Burn Times!)

If you’ve ever longed for a home that is always warm and welcoming, then Yankee Candles may be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for.

These candles come in a variety of scents to bring comfort and luxury to any space.

But if you don’t plan on using them right away, the pressing question is: how long do Yankee Candles last unopened?

As someone who loves Yankee Candles and has used them for years, I can answer this question with confidence.


Stats and Info about Yankee Candles

  • Unopened Yankee Candles typically last up to 3 years from the date of manufacturing, if stored in a cool, dry place. 
  • The expected burning time of a Yankee Candle is up to 150 hours or 6-7 days of continuous burning.
  • The majority of Yankee Candles are made of paraffin wax, so they are long-burning and highly fragrant. 
  • Some Yankee Candles also contain a blend of beeswax, soy, and palm waxes, which results in a softer, creamier wax that typically has a shorter burn time. 

List of Yankee Candle Burn Times: 

  • 6.7 oz Small Tumbler Candle: 20-30 hours 
  • 10.2 oz Medium Jar Candle: 50-75 hours 
  • 14.5 oz Large Jar Candle: 110-150 hours 
  • 22 oz Large 2-Wick Tumbler Candle: 65-90 hours 
  • 28 oz Large Apothecary Jar Candle: 110-150 hours 
  • 5.6 oz Samplers Votive Candles: 15 hours

Using Yankee Candles once they’re opened have a short(ish) shelf life.

The majority of them will only last about 6 months before losing their scent and becoming ineffective.

It’s a pet peeve of mine to buy these candles and then have them lose their scent so quickly if I’ve lit them a couple of times.

I have personally tried different methods to extend their life, such as wrapping them in an airtight bag and storing them away from direct sunlight.

But there isn’t much you can do, your best bet is to just use them fairly quickish once you’ve opened your candle and lit it the first time.

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Understanding How Long Your Yankee Candle Will Last Unopened

When you invest in a Yankee Candle, you are expecting to be able to enjoy that scent for a long time.

But how long exactly will your Yankee Candle last unopened?

Depending on the size of the candle and the scent you choose, the length of time that your candle will last will vary, but there are some tips you can use to make sure it lasts for as long as possible.

When it comes to storing and burning your Yankee Candle, understanding how long your particular candle should last unopened can help you get the most out of your investment.

Proper storage can prevent your candle from losing its scent, as well as ensuring that it burns evenly and efficiently.

Yankee Candles typically come with a protective film, so keeping the film on while in storage can help your candle last longer.

Additionally, avoiding fluctuations in temperature and keeping the candle away from direct light in a cool, dark place will also help extend the life of your candle.

Choosing the right Yankee Candle for your needs is also important for getting the most out of it.

Depending on the size and scent you choose, your candle will have a different burn time. The smaller the candle, typically, the shorter the burn time.

You should also be aware that some candles will naturally release their scent faster than others, so if you want it to last longer, you may want to consider a stronger scent.

If you are looking for a profitable option, you may also want to consider trying out a two-wick candle.

These tend to last longer because there are two points of combustion, which leads to an even and efficient burn. 

Why Yankee candles are so popular (and awesome)

Yankee Candles are a popular brand of scented candles that are known for their high-quality ingredients and wide range of fragrances. There are several reasons why Yankee Candles are so popular:

  • Variety of fragrances: Yankee Candles offers a wide range of fragrances to choose from, including classic scents like vanilla and lavender, as well as more unique scents like beach walks and sun-ripened raspberry. This variety allows customers to find a scent that fits their personal preferences and mood.
  • Long-lasting burn time compared to other brands: Yankee Candles are made with high-quality wax and fragrance oils, which allows them to burn for a long time. Depending on the size of the candle, Yankee Candles can burn for anywhere from 40 to 150 hours, making them a good value for the price.
  • High-quality ingredients: Yankee Candles are made with 100% natural, lead-free wicks and a blend of premium waxes, including soy, paraffin, and beeswax. This helps to ensure that the candles burn cleanly and evenly, without producing soot or other harmful emissions.
  • Attractive packaging: Yankee Candles are known for their attractive packaging, which often features colorful, eye-catching designs. This makes them a popular gift option for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.
  • Strong brand recognition: Yankee Candles has been in business for over 50 years and has built a strong reputation for producing high-quality scented candles. This strong brand recognition has helped to establish the company as a leader in the candle industry and contributed to its popularity.

Caring For Your Unopened Yankee Candle

If you want to get the most out of your unopened Yankee Candle, proper care and storage is essential.

To maximize the longevity of your candle, make sure to store it in a cool and dry place.

Heat, sun and humidity can all have an effect on the lifespan of a candle, so keeping it in an enclosed area away from windows is ideal.

You also want to avoid storing your unopened Yankee Candle in direct sunlight, as this can drastically reduce its shelf life.

Additionally, make sure to keep your candle away from any combustible objects, like curtains, furniture, or drawers, as this can be a fire hazard.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your unopened Yankee Candle will stay in peak condition for as long as possible.

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How Long Do Yankee Candles Last Unopened?

Yankee Candles can last up to three years or longer when unopened and stored properly. Store candles away from heat, sunlight and humidity for best results. 

How Long Will a Yankee Candle Last Once it is Lit

Depending on the candle, a Yankee Candle will generally burn for 15-150 hours when used in a proper candle holder and when burned according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How Do I Make My Yankee Candles Last Longer?

To make your Yankee Candles last longer, ensure they are stored away from heat, sunlight and humidity.
Furthermore, when burning your candles, ensure the wick is trimmed to just above the wax before each use.
Finally, burn your candles in an appropriate holder that is at least double the diameter of the candle.

What Kind of Wax Do Yankee Candles Use?

Yankee Candles use a range of paraffin wax, vegetable wax and soy wax for their candles.

Does Yankee Candle Company Offer Scented Candles?

Yes, Yankee Candle Company offers a wide range of scented candles! Their fragrances include everything from classic holiday scents to unique seasonal scents.

Image credits – Photo by Dan Smedley on Unsplash

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