High Blood Pressure and Hot Stone Massage

High Blood Pressure and Hot Stone Massage

High blood pressure and hot stone massage has been discussed for some time. Some believe it can be dangerous to clients suffering with high blood pressure. Others think it’s not such a concern.

When health is in concern we should always air on the side of caution. With this in mind I would advise clients with hypertension or any other condition resulting in high blood pressure should not undergo hot stone massage therapy.

To help you better understand why high blood pressure and hot stone massage may be a bad combination. Let’s take a look at what hot stone massages comprise of. How this massage treatment affects the body. Along with some other useful information.


What Is Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

Hot stone massage therapy is an ancient technique that uses hot stones to provide a thermal therapy.

It’s used to treat chronic injuries and other conditions affecting the human body. It’s effective at soothing aches and pains, as well as working on some serious conditions.

The masseuse uses aged, volcanic rocks that have been smoothed and weathered over many years.

It’s an invigorating and refreshing experience. Hard to really put into words for those who have not experienced it. Worth experiencing.

How Does Hot Stone Therapy Work?

It’s similar to a Swedish massage in the effect. But the application is very different. You also get a lot deeper penetration into the muscles, which is why it’s more effective at treating muscular injuries.

The smoothness of the rocks work to conduct the heat and also make it a smooth experience. Even though clients have hot rocks placed on them, they reach a deep, relaxed state.

Sometimes cold stones are also used. This is dependent on the treatment and the types of therapy and injuries being treated.

The heat from the stones expands the blood vessels in the areas being targeted. This helps the blood circulate faster. Promoting self healing and strengthening the body’s immune system.

The addition of cold stones makes the blood vessels contract. Causing the flow of waste to flow from the lymph around the body and ultimately out of the body.

What Is Hot Stone Therapy Like?

It can be a whole body massage or the masseuse can work on a specific area. It’s most commonly a treatment used on the shoulders, back and neck.

The treatment is given out by using hands and the stones. The hot volcanic stones are placed on the body in certain locations. Pressure points to penetrate deep into the muscles.

The stones are left to sit while other parts of the body are worked and massaged by hand. The heat is incredibly relaxing and has a profound effect that isn’t replicated by any other method.

A typical session lasts around an hour. The usual massage etiquette applies. You keep your modesty and can request less or more in any area.

Health Conditions to Avoid Having a Hot Stone Massage

High Blood Pressure IllustrationThere are certain conditions that make it advisable you avoid having hot stone massages. Or at the very least you consult your doctor before going ahead. These include;


People suffering from high blood pressure should not have a hot massage. Stimulating the flow of blood can be potentially dangerous.

Cardiovascular Disease

Again, as the heat rises the blood strain in the body rises. This can have serious health complications if someone already has cardiovascular issues.


There is a chance someone with epilepsy can suffer a fit or a reaction. It’s a low chance, but should be discussed with a doctor and the masseuse before therapy.


People with diabetes are more prone to burning or their skin breaking from the heat.

Open Wounds

It’s not hygienic or safe to have a hot massage treatment if you have open wounds on your body. The stones and friction will only aggravate the wounds.

Any Form of Cancer

With so many types of cancer and some of the effects and aggravating factors unknown, it’s advisable not to have a treatment. If you get an all clear from a doctor, of course you can have therapy treatments at your own discretion.

Should I Have a Hot Stone Massage?

If you have any aches, pains, or muscular injuries I strongly recommend you find a local spa that carry out these treatments. You will always have an initial appointment. So you can discuss your needs with a therapist and see if it will help.

I usually recommend hot hot therapy to people who have at least had some form of massage before. Not for complete newbies. But if you’re feeling brave, there is no reason not to go for one.

Always book a session in when you have plenty of time. Don’t try and rush the session and they go back to your day. Pamper yourself.

Here is a video highlighting some of the techniques using hot stones.

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