Self-Heating Hot Stone Massage Tools

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. The technique involves using hot stones to help warm up muscles and give a deeper, more relaxing massage than a traditional massage. It has some very beneficial health effects, and is used as part of a wide range of treatments.

The heated stones are used as well as hands as part of the whole experience. They are either placed on areas of the body and left to allow the heat to penetrate the muscle. Or used as tools to work with by hand and massage the areas being worked on.

Traditional ways to warm basalt stones are either in a professional stone heater, or in water. Although there are some short-cut methods such as slow cookers or microwaves. This can be potentially dangerous to the client and therapist and should never be done.

Stones need to be incredibly hot to carry out the desired effect, reaching temperatures of 120 degrees and above. So the therapist needs to be incredibly diligent and act with care and attention at all times.

As an alternative to traditional basalt stones there are some self-heating hot stone massage tools on the market. These offer an easy alternative and don’t require slow cookers, warming up water and heating packs.

This allows for a much quicker and more convenient solution to carrying out hot stone therapy. There are arguments for both methods and type of stone used. Let’s take a look at the best self-heating hot stone massage tools;


Sassi Self-Heating Hot Stone Massage Stones

Self-Heating Hot Stone Massage ToolsThese Sassi stones are self-heating massage stones. They operate by batteries and are rechargeable. They are designed to stay hot for around 60-90 minutes, so more than long enough for a complete massage session.

They are made from high quality crushed stone and clay. So the durability and quality isn’t in question, and they are incredibly smooth and comfortable. An aspect that makes them a little more user-friendly than traditional stones is that they only heat up on one side.

The therapist doesn’t burn their hands or feel the discomfort that comes with using traditional stones that are completely warmed though. This product makes hot stone massage a lot more accessible to new therapists and a lot easier to learn.

A word of warning is that Sassi Stones are not intended to be used as placement stones. They are for continual massage, leaving them positioned could cause discomfort and burning.

One way of looking at this product is that it offers a slightly different experience to some hot stone therapies on offer. Using these Sassi Stones offers some benefits not found with a typical hot stone massage.

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Benefits of Self-Heating Hot Stone Massage Tools

  • Self-heating stones are a lot easier to use and more convenient than traditional stones.
  • They are only hot to one side to make them safer and more comfortable for therapists to use.
  • Made from high-quality, durable materials designed to last for long time.
  • Easily portable and can be set-up and used quickly.
  • Battery operated and rechargeable, lasts 60-90 minutes per charge.

These self-heating stones are also less expensive than comparable traditional stones. So if you are not a professional and are just interested in carrying out massages at home they are ideal.

The heat cannot be lowered however. The stones are manufactured to reach a temperature of 130 degrees and stay at this temperature. So the client receives an even and relaxing massage without fluctuation of heat.

What Is a Self-Heating Massage Stone Massage Like?

The experience is very similar to that of a traditional hot stone massage. You don’t have the option of placing the stones and leaving them on the client. But you do have the same experience with the massaging process.

You always warm up the body of the client first with a Swedish massage or other massage techniques. Then you start massaging with the stones. The heat dissipates with the motion, and works into the muscles for a deep and rejuvenating feeling.

With traditional hot stones the therapist would swap stones as they cool down. With self-heating stones there is no need to do this as they don’t lose heat. Giving a more consistent and uninterrupted massage.

In Summary

I have had traditional hot stone massages, as well as massages with self-heating hot stones. There are pros and cons to both and it’s hard to pick a clear ‘winner’.

You do miss the aroma and the way your senses come alive when traditional stones are being heated up and used. But when it comes to the actual massage there is little to choose between the two.

From a therapist perspective the convenience of using stones that heat up on charge quickly is a big plus. I can see this product becoming more popular in spa’s and treatment rooms.

I would recommend anyone interested in home massage picks up a set of these stones. They are the best option at home. Who knows, maybe it could become the start of some new business opportunities.

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