7 Reasons to Have Your First Massage

7 Reasons to Have Your First Massage (You’ll Want a Massage After Reading This)

If you have never had a massage but are one of the many people thinking about it – these 7 reasons to have your first massage should be more than enough to make you book an appointment.

There are various types of massage to consider. Your therapist will be able to point you in the direction of the best form of massage for you if you’re unsure however.

All forms of massage offer some positive health benefits, along with being incredibly relaxing and enjoyable of course!

Whether you have some muscular pain or an injury you want worked on. Or you like to have a pampering session. Massages are a great way to help you feel better and improve your overall health.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of massage. Maybe it will prompt you to go ahead and have your first massage, then your second, third…


7 Reasons to Have Your First Massage

Massage Releases Endorphins

Therapeutic massage actually stimulates your brain to release feel-good endorphins. It’s like receiving a natural drug, and it’s a great feeling.

It gives you a rush of energy but delivers it in a relaxing and calm way, so don’t worry you won’t be buzzing for hours. These endorphins help relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and pain among other things.

Massage Improves Circulation

Massage therapists are trained to use special techniques known as effleurage. Effleurage is a technique designed to stimulate and improve the circulation of your blood around your body.

Increasing your circulation helps the healing process of aches and pains. As the increased circulation allows more blood and oxygen to circulate, carrying nutrition and new cells to all areas of your body.

Massage Improves the Immune System

We all have dips in our immune system throughout the year and time-to-time. Maybe you are recovering from a viral illness, or you just have the winter blues. You’ll know it when you’re feeling under the weather.

A massage will strengthen and improve your immune system. As your blood circulation is improved, the amount of blood cells increases and builds up a stronger wall of defence against illness.

The added bonus is that massages also help with the effects of stress. Something that lowers the immune system. So you’re in good hands (pun intended).

Massage Lowers Blood Pressure

When you receive a massage your parasympathetic nervous system gets stimulated. This, in turn, lowers blood pressure.

Your heart rate and respiratory system will also fall into a natural, and harmonious rhythm. If you suffer from high blood pressure, always get clearance from your doctor first.

Massage Relaxes Muscles

Our muscles are being used all day, every day. How often do we really take the time to repair all those micro-tears, aches, and muscular pains?

All those aches, pains, and knots in our muscles that slowly work their way out can be solved a lot quicker with a massage. Saving you a lot of pain and discomfort in the meantime.

You can point out the worse affected areas in your consultation. Or your therapist will likely find the knots and work them out for you. You’ll feel a million times better, take it from me.

Massage Helps with a Good Night’s Sleep

Serotonin is an important chemical that helps us sleep well at night. Massage therapy has been proven to help boost the amount of serotonin your body is producing.

Even people suffering from insomnia have found respite with regular massages. The first night immediately after the massage will almost certainly be your best night’s sleep in a long time.

Massage Helps Relieve the Effects of Stress

This is a big one. Most of us live in a stress-heavy world. With busy days, not enough time to get everything done we want, and many stressful influences.

When we are stressed we start absorbing tension in our muscles. Plus our heads become cluttered and do not function optimally.

Massage therapy decreases the level cortisol and increases the production of serotonin. Two very effective chemicals in turning someone’s mood around.

Take a look at Indian Head Massage in particular. You’ll leave the chair free from worry with a head buzz feeling that’s as addictive as it’s enjoyable.

If these 7 reasons to have your first message are not enough to get you online and booking a massage, I’m not sure what will convince you.

The mental and physical benefits of a massage and varied and many. If you’re that person always thinking about it – just do it!

Commonly Asked Questions About Massage Therapy

Here are some of the most common questions I hear from people thinking about having their first massage:

Can Anyone Have a Massage?

Yes! There are so many types of massage therapy that there is a massage for everyone, anyone, and any type of injury.

Your therapist will be able to advise the best type of massage for you and discuss what they need to work on and the benefits you’ll experience.

What Are the Health Concerns About Having a Massage?

There are some contraindications to be aware of (which means health reasons that may stop you having a massage), and I’ve covered these before.

Generally speaking, though I always advise people speak with their therapists and talk through any concerns they have.

Everyone has their own unique health concerns, and the likelihood is there is a way the therapist can work around some issues.

Do I Have to Be Naked for a Massage?

No. Depending on the type of massage you will need to make different parts of your body available to be worked on, but you will have drapes over you and the therapist will always respect your modesty.

You will also be given a few minutes before and after your treatment to get prepped. There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about if you’re a bit shy, honesty.

Will a Massage Hurt?

Massage therapy does involve working on your soft tissue and muscles in some forms. There it is something you’re going to feel, but it shouldn’t be painful. If it is you need to speak up and your therapist will change what they are doing and find out why it’s hurting.

Unless you’re having a massage purely for the pampering, you will feel mild discomfort. But it’s really not something you will notice, and it’s still common for client’s to fall asleep or into a deep state of relaxation while being massaged.

How Long Does a Massage Take?

The duration of a massage can vary depending on the type of massage and work the therapist needs to carry out. As a rule of thumb however I’d say you need a minimum of 30 minutes to appreciate the benefits of a massage.

If you’re going for your first massage take a 30-minute time slot. When you’re hooked you’ll probably find 60 minutes the sweet spot, most people do.

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