How long should a cold shower be

Cold Shower: How Long Should It Be?

So, you’ve decided to brave cold showers for the health benefits and feeling energized for the day ahead instead of sluggish and half asleep?

Good on you!

But, how long should a cold shower be for the maximum benefit?

You don’t want to spend more time than necessary in a cold shower, let’s be honest it’s not the most enjoyable experience.

But it’s an experience that’s more than worth the trade-off for a few minutes of cold water.

The answer is – 5 minutes.

Why do I say 5 minutes?

I’ve experimented myself with cold showers, I’ve worked in spas that offer a range of cold, contrast, and Scottish shower treatments, and I’ve researched this pretty heavily.

5 minutes is enough for your body to adjust to the cold water and start stimulating all the positive health benefits that are known to be associated with cold showers.

The potential benefits are:

Can I Take a Shorter Cold Shower?

Sure, you can take just a couple of minutes and you’ll feel the difference over a warm shower.

You might even want to start with shorter showers at first to work your way up to the 5-minute mark.

It’s not the easiest thing to do first thing in the morning I’ll admit. It is, however, a mental block more than a physical one.

Once you can get your head around the feeling of a cold shower you’ll love it and you won’t feel uncomfortable in there.

If you’re struggling with the idea of jumping in a cold shower and having that shock factor, consider starting with contrast or Scottish showers.

These showers start with warm water and alternate between hot and cold water. You still get all the positive health benefits, some people just say it’s not as quick or as intense.

Either way, the only way to find out how you feel after a cold shower is to start having one. So, no more delaying, start today!

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