What Is Lomi Lomi

What is Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage techniques are believed to have originated in the Hawaiian islands. It’s a style of full body massage that is different from all other types and has some interesting aspects that separate it from the traditional massage techniques.

If you are receiving a Lomi Lomi massage, the first thing you will notice is that the massage is performed on your entire body all at once. This is different than say a Swedish massage, where different areas of the body are targeted one at a time.

During a Lomi Lomi massage the therapist will also use long strokes. Flowing from motion to motion, and working over the whole body. There is a very rhythmic movement to the techniques, and it’s an incredibly soothing process.

LomiLomi is often referred to as a Kahuna Massage. Sometimes there are some subtle differences depending on the therapist, but as a rule of thumb, they are one in the same.


How Is Lomi Lomi Carried Out?

Typically Lomi Lomi is performed on a massage table with no sheets on the top or bottom. You will be draped with a towel to cover your private parts. Being as the private areas are considered sacred in Hawaii when the massage is performed there is an emphasis on integrity, there is no chance of exposure to be worried about.

For, women the breasts are not massaged, although the sternum area between the breasts are. As well as the sides of the body, being covered in sweeping motions.

Honoring the History of Lomi Lomi

In ancient Hawaii, receiving a Lomi Lomi massage was always considered a great honor. The treatment has been practiced for centuries, and it was used as a right of passage and a ritual.

For a young person receiving a Lomi Lomi massage, they would often be given a vision to what their future may hold, and their place in society.

A lot of today’s practitioners still respect these traditions, and there is a great deal of respect for the clients. Which is also expected to be reciprocated. While the process of massage can be seen as a sensual process, the therapist is professional in their approach.

How Lomi Lomi Is Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Lomi Lomi massage is a therapeutic type of massage. It’s designed to work the muscles and release any tensions or knots. In ancient times it was believed to bridge a connection between the mind and body.

Early practitioners believed there was a strong connection between muscle tension and mental stress. And, by using the Lomi Lomi massage techniques the stress would be relieved. Helping reduce both the physical and mental stress the person may be feeling.

Lomi Lomi in Today’s Massage Landscape

As with most techniques, over the years things change. Most modern spa’s run their own versions of Lomi Lomi, and although the techniques are similar, the historic value has been diluted.

You can still experience the real thing in Hawaii, which is quite the experience and worth travelling for in my opinion. But I am not suggesting anyone goes well out of their way for that.

If you are looking for a spiritual massage experience it’s worth seeking out your nearest available Lomi Lomi therapist and giving them a go.

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