Benefits of Effleurage Massage to Help with Stress

Benefits of Effleurage Massage to Help with Stress

Stress is always on the increase and affects more people today than ever before. This is largely due to the demanding modern world we live in.

It’s hard to disconnect from all the technology we rely on. With an increased demand to achieve more in a shorter time period. Which is why I’m writing about the benefits of effleurage massage to help with stress.

Stress is an overwhelming feeling of being under too much pressure and not knowing how to deal with it all. Everyone reacts differently to stress, and the effects can manifest in different ways.

We need to understand that what is stressful to one person may not be stressful to another. instead looking at how the person is feeling and what can be done to help them.

Stress isn’t just a mental health issue. We all carry stress in our bodies too. This can build up through physical activities, or be a result of us tensing our bodies because we are stressed about all the pressure we are under.

Without relying on prescription medication there are some things we can do to help with the effects of stress. Massage therapy is one of the most effective forms of alternative medicine.

Indian head massage is incredibly effective at soothing headaches and reducing that burnt out feeling. While there are a wide range of massage techniques that can be applied to the body to stimulate the body’s healing effects.

Within the types of massage there is a technique that is particularly effective. Effleurage massage strokes are long and light movements that are incredibly relaxing for the client. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of effleurage massage to help with stress.

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Benefits of Effleurage Massage to Help with Stress

Helps to Relax You Physically and Mentally

Effleurage makes use of a wide range of light stokes. This creates a soothing effect over your whole body and is incredibly relaxing. Not only does this release all the physical stress in the body, but relaxes the mind and lessens the effects of mental stress.

Reduces the Effects of Depression

Being stressed and depressed are closely linked, with one often leading on the other. Stimulating the body’s healing system and strengthening the immune system helps to reduce the effects of depression.

Improves Blood Circulation

Effleurage massage techniques increases the blood flow to the muscle groups being massaged. More blood flow means the muscles can heal quicker and stronger. Reducing the ache from exercise soreness.

Increases Muscle Flexibility

The long and fast strokes used in effleurage techniques helps to increase the flexibility of muscles. Giving a person a better range of motion and reducing the risk of future injury.

Has a Sedative Effect

Swedish massage helps stimulate the nerves in the body. This results is stimulating the body to produce hormones, and gives a natural, mild sedative effect. Headaches, aches and pains, and insomnia are all treated as a result.

Relieves Aches and Pains

As mentioned in previous points effleurage massage techniques relieve a wide range of aches and pains. Being in pain daily can be a cause of stress in itself. You will feel so much happier when you’re pain free.

Speeds up the Recovery from Injuries

Being injured can cause a lot of pressure and stress. If you cannot work or carry out your daily routines if can make you feel useless. Massage can speed up the recovery from injury, giving a person hope and getting them back to normal quicker than expected.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Effleurage massage techniques are known to increase the cytotoxic capacity of the body. This increases the body’s level of T-cells, helping a person fight off illness be healthier. A stronger immune system means a less stressed, happier, and healthier person.

What to Expect from a Massage Using Effleurage Techniques

Effleurage massage techniques are often used as the first strokes in a massage session such as a Swedish massage. The strokes help to work the massage oil into the client’s body and warm up their muscles.

The process is used to check the client’s body for areas that are tight or inflamed. Giving the therapist a chance to get to know their client and plan what the how the rest of the therapy is going to go.

The therapist’s hands are usually open-palmed and relaxed. There are some movements that involve clenched fists and more pressure. But for the most part is softer, faster and longer movements.

The strokes should be long and start to form a rhythm over time. This is where the relaxing and therapeutic benefits are at work. Relaxing the client and working out aches and pains in their muscles and joints.

Deeper effleurage strokes and movements can also be very relaxing depending on the client’s’ preferences. The skin being strokes should ripple ahead of the therapists hands. It has an inhibitory effect on the muscles being rubbed, making them more relaxed.

It’s hard to put into words just how relaxing and wonderful a massage is if you haven’t experienced one. Spa’s and massage therapists can easily be found far and wide, wherever you live. Check your local listings to find one near you and treat yourself.

If you’re stressed you will feel a lot better. Not to mention those aches and pains that you are carrying with you will be resolved. You will be surprised just how much better you feel both mentally, and physically.

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