What I Want in a Relationship Letter

What I Want in a Relationship: Letter Examples & Tips

Understanding and articulating what one desires in a relationship can often be a challenging task, yet it’s an essential step towards fostering a fulfilling bond.

Letters have a timeless charm in expressing feelings and thoughts in a profound manner.

When you pen down what you seek in a relationship, it not only brings clarity to your own mind but also helps your partner understand your needs better.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the idea of ‘What I Want in a Relationship’ letters, with examples to inspire your own writing.


What I Want in a Relationship Letter Examples

Letter of Emotional Availability:

“Dear [Partner’s Name],

As I pen down my thoughts, I realize how vital emotional availability is to me in our relationship.

It’s the profound moments of heartfelt sharing, of fearlessly expressing our innermost thoughts, dreams, and concerns that I truly cherish.

These instances of emotional exchange are not merely conversations for me, but threads that weave the fabric of our intimate bond.

They are windows that offer me a view into your heart, making me feel secure, deeply understood, and closely connected to you.

I hope we can always maintain this level of emotional openness in our journey together.”

Letter of Mutual Respect:

“Hello [Partner’s Name],

In my reflections on what I seek in our relationship, I’ve come to realize that mutual respect tops my list.

It’s the acknowledgement of our individuality, the appreciation of our unique characteristics and personal spaces, without any attempt to morph one into the other.

I believe that by respecting our differences, we can understand and celebrate each other better.

And in this respect, we can find a harmonious coexistence, where love flourishes.”

Letter of Partnership:

“Dear [Partner’s Name],

One thing that I deeply desire in our relationship is the feeling of equal partnership.

I envision us not merely as a couple, but as teammates working together to build a shared life.

A partnership where our joys are amplified because we experience them together, our burdens feel lighter because we shoulder them together, and our decisions are stronger because we make them together.

This sense of shared responsibility, of equal contribution, is what I seek in our bond.”

Letter of Communication:

“My dear [Partner’s Name],

As I write this, I realize that my emphasis on open and honest communication may seem redundant, but I believe it is the cornerstone of any strong and healthy relationship.

The freedom to express our feelings, concerns, ideas, and dreams without fear of judgement or ridicule is something I value immensely.

I hope that our relationship will always be a safe space where our words flow freely, fostering understanding, and promoting love.”

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Letter of Trust and Loyalty:

“Dear [Partner’s Name],

In the heart of our relationship, I long for the presence of an unshakeable trust and unflinching loyalty.

Trust, for me, is not merely a trait but a foundation, a bedrock upon which our love can grow, survive, and flourish.

It’s a silent promise that irrespective of the challenges and adversities we face, we’ll always have each other’s back, remaining loyal to our bond.”

Letter of Intimacy:

“Hi [Partner’s Name],

The term intimacy might conjure images of physical closeness, but what I deeply value is not just the physical but also the emotional intimacy.

The silent whispers of our hearts, the comfort of shared silences, the freedom to be vulnerable—these form an emotional closeness that I cherish.

It’s this sense of intimate bonding that I believe transcends the physical and makes our relationship truly unique.”

Letter of Personal Growth:

“Hello [Partner’s Name],

In our relationship, a key aspect that I seek is the potential for personal growth.

I see our bond as a nurturing ground, a fertile soil that enables us to grow, evolve, and blossom as individuals.

I wish for us to inspire each other, support each other’s dreams, and help each other overcome our shortcomings.

This mutual growth, I believe, will not only enrich us as individuals but will also strengthen our bond.”

Letter of Joy and Laughter:

“Dear [Partner’s Name],

I want our relationship to be punctuated by countless moments of joy and laughter.

Shared smiles over simple pleasures, spontaneous laughter over inside jokes, and the creation of delightful memories – these are the threads that weave the joyful tapestry of our shared life.

I long for these moments, for they add color, warmth, and cheer to our shared existence.”

Letter of Adventure and Exploration:

“Hello [Partner’s Name],

As unconventional as it may sound, what I desire in our relationship is a sense of adventure and exploration.

Shared experiences, big or small, new or familiar, all hold the potential to bring us closer, to make us understand each other better.

Be it exploring a new city, trying out a new cuisine, or even delving into each other’s interests – every new experience would enrich our bond and create a memory that we will hold dear.”

Letter of Comfort and Solace:

“Dear [Partner’s Name],

When I think of our relationship, I deeply yearn for it to be our safe haven, our sanctuary.

A place of comfort and solace where we can share our deepest fears, our anxieties, and our worries without the fear of judgement.

I envision us as pillars of strength for each other – celebrating each other’s triumphs, comforting in times of distress, and lending a shoulder when the weight of the world seems too much to bear.

I believe in supporting each other through thick and thin, making our bond our beacon of hope and comfort.”

In Conclusion

Articulating what you desire in a relationship through writing can be a powerful way of fostering understanding and improving your bond with your partner.

It allows you to reflect on your needs and desires, and provides a clear and open line of communication with your partner.

This exercise not only promotes mutual understanding but also guides the relationship towards the fulfillment and satisfaction both partners seek.

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